When to send mass SMS to customers?

With the lockdown period, you have to innovate to reach your customers and prospects. If you haven’t tried mass texting yet, now is the time!

Here are 6 reasons to send your first SMS.

Generate additional sales

Introduce a new product or service

The dealers have the reflex. When a new car comes out, they send an SMS to their database to let them know that a free trial is possible.

Do the same for all of your important products and services. For example, if you are a hairdressing salon closed due to confinement and you set up hairdressing tutorials by webcam, inform your most loyal customers who will surely be interested in reserving a niche.

The distribution of a promo code

The promo code is so popular because it increases sales. It doesn’t have to be huge. Free delivery or a 10% discount coupon is enough to make you want to order from you.

Besides the promotion, it also helps remind the customer of your existence. In certain businesses such as collections, a short text message can even re-instill a former client who had stopped his passion for lack of time or triggered large orders.

A reminder of an important event

Thanks to SMS, communicate at important times. A florist who recalls his presence at the time of Mother’s Day is likely to have good feedback.

The SMS sent at the right time can also hit the mark. Associate the promo code with an important event by sending it on the recipient’s birthday. This attention can touch him and elicit a command.

Commercial canvassing

The SMS allows you to communicate with the greatest number of prospects. More and more companies have abandoned the physical or telephone canvassing for mass sending of SMS.

The reason is profitability. The cost of an SMS is very low compared to that of another canvassing. In addition, with an hour of work, you can reach tens of thousands of prospects!

Share information with your customers

Is your store moving or are you changing your opening hours? Notify your customers to avoid disappointment. In addition to sharing useful, non-advertising information, you remember your presence.

During confinement, inform about the existence of your website, a delivery service or a temporary closure.

Retain your customers

Retaining a customer is often more difficult than attracting a new one. Yet all businesses quickly realize that keeping their best customers is vital to their bottom line.

Don’t text a customer about all or nothing. But, be there by her side when it matters or to provide assistance.

You can wish him happy holidays or in a period of confinement, invite him to discover something related to your universe to avoid boredom.

For example, if you sell cosmetics, run a contest to your customers on your website and share that information via SMS.

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