Where to buy a loading ramp? Altec France – Norauto

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If you are looking for a quality loading ramp, you will certainly have noticed the variety of brands that exist on the market. It is therefore not an easy task to find a suitable store to get one.

This article introduces you to three reliable online stores where you can get all kinds of loading ramps in complete safety to lighten your daily chores.

Think before buying your loading ramp to inform yourself on how to choose it, what are the safety rules on Loading ramp pro.

Altec France

It is a shop renowned in the manufacture, design and distribution of aluminum loading ramps since 1993. At Alter France, there are 4 product lines:

The XXL range for machine carriers

It is a set of products specific to machine carriers. It includes several types of loading ramps sold in pairs, capable of supporting up to 58,000 kg per pair. These ramps facilitate the passage of heavy machinery with tires, wheels or tracks.

There are ramps of the VFR 105, VFR 120, VFR 134, VFR 185 type, mobile docks for agricultural or public works machinery, aluminum access slopes, balancing and articulations, aluminum adaptations for machine carriers.

The SR range for flatbeds and trailers

This range is recommended for loading agricultural, green space and construction equipment. The ramps in this range are also sold in pairs and can carry up to 11,890 kg / pair. Depending on the use, they have suitable rolling surfaces. For vehicles with wheels or steel tracks, the running surface is solid and reinforced, while it is solid or perforated for vehicles with tires or rubber tracks.

You will find in this range compact ramps for false floors, solid ramps for tires or rubber tracks, perforated ramps for tires or rubber tracks, reinforced ramps for tires, tires or steel tracks.

The LCV range for vans & vans

Sold in pairs or individually, the products in this range are, for the sake of compactness, foldable in 2 or 3 parts and take up very little storage space. The running surfaces favor the passage of small diameter wheeled vehicles and can sometimes reduce vibrations and noise. There are two models for this range: fixed LCV ramps and removable LCV ramps.

The low drop range

All in aluminum, the ramps in this range have small dimensions (length and slope). They facilitate transport on small drops and can carry up to 7,300 kg / pair. There are AWB-T, AOS TROTTOIR, AVS 80 TROTTOIR, AOS-K, AVS 150 BENNES types.


Norauto specializes in automotive equipment and offers a whole range of trailer accessories such as loading ramps.

At Norauto are available:

  • The pairs of galvanized steel ramps for quad, mower, motorcycle SPOTLIGHT 640450, which are 1.5m long and can support up to 400 kg;
  • The ascent ramps for NORAUTO PREMIUM 115 EVO and 145 chassis, suitable for moving 270 kg two-wheel vehicles;
  • The NORAUTO PM1 and PM2 ramps are ideal for mounting your motorcycle on your chassis.

Mano Mano

Founded very recently in 2012 by DIY enthusiasts under the name “MonEchelle”, this company will later become ManoMano. It is a DIY and gardening Marketplace that offers several steel and galvanized steel loading ramps of 2 kinds: foldable and non-foldable.

Although foldable ramps are quite practical and take up less space, non-foldable ramps are also very popular, and perform well for the tasks for which they are chosen.

ManoMano offers several types of products in both ranges, including pairs of galvanized steel ramps, ATV quad motorcycle loading ramps, and many others.

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