Where to buy cheap Warhammer 40k figures from Games Workshop?

With the prices offered by Games Workshop, it is complicated to be able to build a beautiful army of Warhammer 40k without breaking the bank. However, there are alternative markets to find cheap Waharmmer figures, second-hand and even new!

New and cheap Warhammer 40k figures

To find new Warhammer 40k miniatures and at an unbeatable price, you have to look in English online stores! Rest assured, these are official products that can be found on the 2 platforms of our selection: WaylandGames.co.uk & ElementGames.co.uk.

Take the example of an Imperial Knight Paladin: It is listed at £ 79.52 (= € 92.30) on Waylands Games, £ 85 (= € 98.66) on Element Games and € 110 on the official website of Games Workshop. There is thus a difference of 17.7 € between the lowest price and that recommended by the manufacturer!

With the importation of miniatures from the United Kingdom, it is therefore possible to save a lot of money to build a Warhammer army. For this price you only have a few more days to wait for home delivery.

Wayland Games

Wayland Games is certainly the safe bet of our selection. It is a chain of English tabletop game shops which, upon opening their online store, has become the largest independent Warhammer miniatures retailer across Europe. If you do not know this store take the time to read the BitzBox article and its review on Wayland Games.

Elements Games

Elements Games presents itself as the best alternative to Waylands Games. It is an independent store that is also specialized in table games and you can take advantage of aggressive prices, with discounts of up to -25% on certain figures. If you don’t know this store, take the time to read the BitzBox article and its review on Elements Games.

Used Warhammer 40k miniatures

If you don’t mind buying used miniatures, it is quite possible to find bargains in specialist shops that offer second-hand models or directly online from other Warhammer 40k players.

From experience, we advise you to take a look at the sales sites between private individuals which will greatly facilitate your research: Leboncoin, Facebook and Ebay.

The good corner

This is the place where you have the best chance of getting a good deal by searching for figurines near you or throughout France. With this observation, however, you will not be the only one to hunt miniatures. Keeping a regular watch is the key to finding the figurine of your dreams.

Facebook Market

Facebook launched Facebook Market in order to compete with Leboncoin on its own ground. If we do not always think of this service in the sale between private individuals, in fact it is possible to find specialized groups which gather Warhammer aficionados for sales or exchanges.


If Ebay finishes last in our selection, it is because the sellers have become more professional and it is therefore less obvious to do good business. However, you will find everything you are looking for, provided you pay a price. It costs nothing, however, to take a tour from time to time to watch the coasts.

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