Where to put your money in 2021, so that it pays off?

Want to get started in investing, but don’t know where to put your hard-earned money?

You should know that there are many investment solutions that can meet your needs. It all depends on your financial goals and your tolerance for risk.

Invest in rental real estate

It allows you to invest your money in the purchase of a property (apartment house) that you are going to rent out. You then receive rents that you can save while amortizing the costs and the loan granted for its acquisition.

With the advent of the new Pinel and Dénormandie devices, this investment is particularly interesting because of the tax exemption to which it is subject. You can, according to your needs, invest new or old housing. However, care should be taken to choose an eligible residential area with high rental potential.

Find yourself life insurance

Life insurance is an attractive investment solution in several ways. It is ideal for people looking for a relatively secure financial product offering a significant level of profitability.

It benefits from advantageous long-term taxation and is ideally suited to all investor profiles. That said, the return and the risk ratio is likely to vary greatly depending on the direction given to your investment through life insurance.

In particular, depending on whether you choose to invest your money in euro funds with guaranteed capital and units of account, which are more secure but with average returns. Or in stock market assets, with a high exposure to risk, but highly profitable.

Think about crowdfunding

Also known as crowdfunding, it is a proven alternative in the financing of projects by individuals. It is a new mode of investment which is tending to democratize, in the real estate segment in particular.

They are accessible to all budgets and can take various forms. In particular, that of a capital remunerated in the form of dividends or that of bonds, remunerated in the form of interest.

Invest in the stock market

The stock market also offers you investment opportunities to seize. It has the merit of being accessible to everyone including small budgets. You therefore do not need a huge capital since you can easily get started with a minimum of 100 to 200 €.

Depending on your needs, you can invest either in equities (active funds, passive funds, ETFs, live securities), or in Forex. Even invest in these two asset classes at the same time, to diversify your portfolio.

However, investing in the stock market presents a relatively high level of risk due to the contingencies of the financial market and the economy.

Open a securities / PEA account

Both allow you to invest in securities on the stock market. The basic idea is to allow you to save money and build on it.

In addition to profitability, the attractiveness of the PEA lies in its reduced taxation, with a tax optimum reached after 5 years of ownership. It is therefore a long-term investment.

As for the securities account, it is necessarily linked to your current bank account. This facilitates the purchase and sale of shares, but above all to obtain liquidity from the capital gains of your invested capital.

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