Where to rent a modern and chic caftan in Paris for a wedding?

Who would have thought that the clothes of the past could become a fashion staple in the 21st century, as in the case of the caftan! All women currently dream of having them in their wardrobes, and this is not surprising, given their elegance.

The caftan can be worn in all types of ceremony, it is even an emblematic garment of femininity, so if you are going to attend a wedding, for an original and elegant outfit, opt for the caftan.

Linda Lousse, designer of oriental dresses for bride and guest

Linda Lousse, a passionate and talented fashion designer, revisits the traditional oriental outfit: the caftan. She is inspired by her origins to create pieces, offering a mix between tradition and the west, its collections represent a harmony between different cultures: the oriental charm and the refinement of Parisian luxury.

Linda Lousse offers high-end caftans, all of her items are unique, which allows all of her customers to have their own exclusive caftan. For all those who dream of singularity and authenticity, they will be amply satisfied by opting for the revisited caftans of Linda Lousse.

Modern caftans for rent in Paris

Caftans are clothes that can be adapted to any type of event. If you are going to a party or a wedding ceremony etc. You can dress well in a caftan. If you do not yet have one in your closet, while you dream of wearing it, know that in Paris, you can find modern caftans for hire. You just need to contact and make an appointment for the fittings, so you will have a beautiful modern caftan, according to your budget, your body type and your choice.

Do you want to buy a caftan or a takchita?

The caftan and the takchita, which of the two do you prefer? Indeed, we consider the tackcita as a version of the Moroccan caftan, revisited by stylists, and allowed the caftan to be exported around the world.

The difference between the two is that the caftan is only made of one piece. It is a long dress, decorated with hand embroidery, and it is often accompanied by a matching belt, in order to refine the silhouette of the woman.

The caftan seems lighter than the takchita. And as regards the latter, it consists of at least two parts. The first piece is called the Tahtia, designed by a light fabric like silk satin. The second room is the Dfina. The takcita can also be accompanied by a belt.

In short, know that caftans and takcitas are beautiful outfits that symbolize elegance and affirm femininity, for various occasions when you need to take out your most beautiful dresses, be elegant and refined by opting for these beautiful oriental dresses. More so than you can rent your caftans in Paris at Linda Lousse.

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