Which bike to choose when you’re a courier?

Are you a courier or about to become one and are looking for the ideal bike for your tours but do not know which to choose?

Know that the choice of your equipment will depend mainly on your preferences, your working time and the nature of your journeys in particular. Depending on these criteria, you can opt for either a racing bike or a mountain bike (classic or electric). In any case, it must be a good quality bike that can follow you in each delivery.

A racing bike to go faster

If you want to run your runs with relatively quick timing, opting for a racing bike is ideal to help you go faster. You will prefer a fixed gear model. The advantage with this model is its minimalist design.

Equipped with thin wheels, its frame is reduced to the strict minimum to allow you to gain lightness and efficiency. So you can pedal for longer without getting tired. That said, the racing bike is more suitable for riders working in urban areas with good roads.

Therefore, it will be unsuitable on damaged roads or hilly journeys. In addition, considering your working time, a racing bike will be less profitable if you aim for a target of 20-30 hours of delivery per week.

An all-terrain bike to take the small paths

Man mountain biking

If you have to take small paths or travel off-road, the ideal is to opt for a mountain bike for your errands. An ATV can also offer you more comfort whatever the type of terrain. However, it requires more effort than a conventional bicycle.

You may then prefer a model with electric assistance to optimize your working time and make your shopping more profitable. An electric mountain bike will allow you to save energy, increase your deliveries and boost your income.

A quality bike to follow you in each delivery

Whether you opt for a racing bike or a mountain bike (electric or not) you should not skimp on the quality of the vehicle. It would be a shame for you to invest in a bike that will fail you after a few races.

Depending on your pace of work and your journeys, the parts of your bike will be put to the test. It must therefore necessarily be a resistant bike to keep pace with each delivery. You will also take care to maintain your frame in order to optimize its lifespan and make it more profitable.

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