Which brand of car battery to choose?

A car battery stores energy from the alternator and then returns it to the vehicle. Its main function consists in particular of starting the engine when starting. For that, it must be of good quality. Several brands are then offered to you on the market. Which ones should you favor? Let’s find out!

Top 3 best car battery brands

There are three brands that can be recommended for you when it comes to car battery. They each offer different models of auto batteries as powerful as each other. Bosh, Fulmen and Varta compete in performance.

Bosh for their experience and unparalleled reputation

The German multinational was founded in 1886. It specializes in equipment for the automotive industry. Bosch batteries have a great source of energy. They can also be easily repaired and recycled. They are equipped with handles so that their transport and assembly are facilitated.

Bosch batteries are also very durable. The brand does not even stop claiming a starting intensity of more than 100%, or 115%. It is one of the top three automotive suppliers in the world, although it also specializes in household appliances and the manufacture of power tools.

Fulmen for quality batteries

Fulmen car battery

Fulmen has been established since 1891. The brand only markets top quality products. Its batteries can travel hundreds of kilometers without being discharged. They are in fact always more expensive than all the others. Their plates are stronger and they resist corrosion better.

Varta for its abundant use in the automotive world

Varta car battery

The Varta brand is the one with the most sales of car batteries. It offers different models and has been able to build its reputation thanks to the accessibility and reliability of its products. In addition, it offers vehicle owners efficient charging solutions.

How to choose the battery for your car?

Choosing a battery for your car should be based on some key criteria.

Choose a battery with the right size

The template refers to the size of the battery. A good size battery is one that takes into account the number of displacements. These are expressed in liters and represent the space available in the combustion chambers. The higher it is, the better your battery is.

Choose a battery that will have a power adapted to your vehicle

The higher the power of your car’s battery, the better it reacts when starting up. Do not choose a battery that is too powerful for the category of your vehicle, nor too weak. Therefore, make the option of a horsepower that really matches the automobile you are driving.

Choose a good capacity battery

The capacity of a car battery is expressed in ampere hours or Ah. It often varies from 32 to 80 Ah. In addition, cars with a diesel engine have a much higher capacity than gasoline ones. So always make your choice according to your vehicle.

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