Which brand of electric epilator to choose?

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Hair removal is a personal choice, but many women prefer waxing or shaving. The benefits of waxing can include smoothness that lasts longer, as epilators pull out the hairs at the root, although this method remains painful. The brands each offer products with different qualities, it is difficult to navigate, here are some tips to avoid making mistakes.

The 2 best brands of electric epilator

The main and most used brands are Braun and Philips, these two brands offer a wide choice of epilators. By choosing one of these brands for an epilator, you are bound to find one that will meet all your needs.


Braun is renowned for making epilators, reducing pain and removing hair to the smallest and finest possible. The brand offers products complemented by many accessories, epilators resistant to water or not and for the majority, which do not need to be connected.

Take for example the Braun Silk-Epil 9 epilator. It has a 40% larger head than Braun Silk-Epil 7 for faster epilation. The tweezers come in a different shape and size, so the brand has used microgrip tweezers technology instead of the narrow grip to remove really tiny hairs. Braun Silk Epil 9579 is also an epilator which can be used both dry and underwater.


The Philips brand has the advantage of offering very effective epilators, offering painless, fast and long-lasting hair removal. Like Braun, the brand offers a wide range of products meeting all needs and expectations, whether for specific hair removal, or the usual leg hair removal.

The Philips HP6540 / 00 model, is in the form of a box including 3 different devices, for each area of ​​the body. A very competitive price for less than 50 €, but not offering all the advantages of a Braun epilator, they are not waterproof and must be connected to the mains.

What features should I look for in a good brand of epilator?

Can I use this epilator in the bath? Do I have to plug it into the mains? What additional accessories are available? These are all vital questions when buying an epilator.


Modern epilators have rotating metal plates designed to pluck the finest hair possible. The more tweezers the epilator has, the more hair it removes and the faster the epilation process, but it is still painful. Cheaper epilators often have 20 tweezers, while more expensive options usually have 30 or 40.

A water resistant epilator

You can use many epilators in the shower or in the bath, as well as when your skin is dry. The advantage of waxing while your skin is moist is that your pores are more open, which is believed to make it easier to remove hair and be less painful. It’s hard to find an underwater epilator for less than $ 50.

Wired / wireless

It is much more restrictive to use an epilator when it is plugged in, but it is not impossible. The advantage of a cordless epilator is that it is easier to handle, takes up less space, and you don’t have to stay close to an outlet. In addition, epilators with threads will not go under water, so there is a greater chance of increasing pain during epilation.

Additional accessories

Epilators often come with “caps” or additional accessories to place on the epilator head for personalized use. Some have heads adapted for the bikini line, the face and sensitive and delicate areas. Some heads are also designed for gentler hair removal, like an aloe vera massage head.

Two-speed adjustment

Many epilators have two speed settings: one for faster epilation, the other for a slower, smoother process. This is a personal advice, this choice will depend on your ease of waxing and your resistance to pain.

Epilator head width

Some epilators have a larger head that allows you to cover more skin with each stroke. This helps to speed up the hair removal process, but it also means that you feel pain in a larger area at the same time.

The lighting option

You should be able to locate the fine hairs to remove if your epilator shines light on the skin. It is a small option that is very comfortable, you will not forget any hair with this lighting system.

To conclude, which brand to turn to?

For simple, effective and painless hair removal, it is better to choose a Braun brand epilator, by looking at the reviews of epilateur-electric.fr we notice that they are always well classified. Their price will certainly be higher, but qualitatively they are excellent. Epilators are often delivered with many accessories, can be used underwater and do not need to be connected to the mains, which leaves a great freedom of movement.

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