Which brand of sectional garage door to adopt for your future garage?

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At the time of choose the door for your future garage, sectional doors stand out for the many advantages they provide. We invite you to discover the principle of the sectional garage door and the main brands where you can get it.

What is a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are doors divided into several sections and made up of a set of panels hinged together. To illustrate, the system is similar to that of a roller shutter and therefore offers no external overflow.

Very compact once opened, a sectional door takes up as little space as possible in a garage and is perfectly suited for a motorized installation with two possible opening directions: a side opening or a vertical opening of the same type of door is widely used in garage renovation.

Sectional garage door with vertical opening

For a sectional garage door with a vertical opening, the hinged panels move up to be able to optimally occupy the ceiling space using two vertical tracks and two horizontal tracks.

Side opening sectional garage door

In the configuration of a side opening (left or right), the hinged panels of the sectional garage door are pulled on a slide on the ground to finish their course along a wall of the garage. It is therefore necessary to have a free section of wall to accommodate the door.

Which brand of sectional garage door to choose?

To be able to guide you in the choice of your future sectional garage door, we have chosen to present the ranges of products available at Leroy Merlin, Lapeyre and Castorama.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin offers three brands of sectional garage doors: Artens, Hormann and Primo for an invoice that can range from 300 to 3000 euros.

The price range is wide, but you can find more than 200 models listed online, including the two existing opening systems (vertical and side) and all with a motorized opening.

While it is not possible to choose a custom sectional door model, Leroy Merlin nevertheless offers a wide choice of panel dimensions to suit your needs.


Lapeyre only offers a dozen sectional garage door references and two different brands: Marantec and Somfy. The two brands are equal in terms of price, for a basket that can go from 370 to 1700 euros.

To justify the price differences, you can find in the Lapeyre range doors which are motorized or manual and sold pre-assembled or as a kit.

It is possible to choose a door with a made-to-measure dimension exclusively in store, the function is not directly offered on the site.


Castomara offers a few dozen models for just a small sectional garage door handle from the Hornmann brand.

The rest of the references being doors without any notable mark. The price range ranges from 300 euros for entry-level models from gamm to 1500 euros for premium models from Hormann.

Finally, depending on the budget, it is possible to find manual or motorized models, sold as a kit or pre-assembled, and it is not possible to choose a custom model.

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