Which cat harness should I buy?

Thanks to the comfort and security it brings to the cat, the harness is the ideal tool to perform outdoor activities such as walks with your little furball.

However, note that not all harnesses are created equal, and a poorly chosen or unsuitable harness can be a real danger to your cat. Either way, don’t panic! To find the ideal cat harness like the ones featured on Pet Harnesses, all you need to do is consider things like your pet’s size, the type of activity you want to practice, ergonomics and aesthetics.

In the following, you will find everything you need to know about cat harnesses, some tips for choosing the right one, and finally, our selection of 2 special harnesses that will be perfect for your little feline.

What form of harness is best suited for cats?

There are many forms of cat harnesses, depending on the size, weight, activity for which the harness will be used, and many other factors. Indeed among the harnesses, we distinguish:

The strap harness or H-harness

It is a basic classic model easily accessible, in terms of cost. It forms the letter H on the back of the cat, and is formed of 2 loops: a large and a small, which join with a thong. This harness considerably reduces the pressure on the neck and protects the cat from injuries.

The vest or V-harness

It is a model in a jacket that allows you to perfectly control the cat without hurting him. The absence of ropes complemented by the presence of the waistcoat jacket has all its value. Indeed, this harness remains the best and most suitable for your cat because its system offers him better comfort, while keeping him as safe as possible.

What size harness to choose for your cat?

The size of the harness is the first and most important criterion to take into consideration when buying: the larger the harness the more embarrassed your cat will be and will be able to get rid of it, the smaller the harness the more your cat will suffocate or shrink. will hurt.

To avoid such a situation, you will have to take the size corresponding to that of your cat. All you have to do is measure your animal at the level of the neck, chest and even back, and add an additional 3 cm, so that you can pass your hand between the harness and its skin.

Presentation of 2 harnesses that will be perfect for your cat

If you are both keen on comfort and style, here are 2 harnesses that you will greatly appreciate for your cat.

Locisne Adjustable Soft Harness

This harness is available in size S, M, L and in color blue, red, pink. It is ideal for walks with your cat. Strong and light, it has an “i” shape and is made of nylon mesh. Its system is made up of adjustable buckles, as well as a padding that makes it waterproof.

Our opinion

The shape and material of this harness offer optimal comfort, while the various colors offered can be matched to your cat’s fur.

SPPTIES PET Adjustable Vest Harness

This harness is available in size S, M, L and in black and red colors. It is ideal for enhancing the look of your pet wherever it goes. In addition to being easy to wear, this soft and light harness made of mesh and equipped with its bow tie, will offer your cat much more comfort.

Our opinion

Thanks to its elegant design, this vest harness in various colors will ensure the protection of your cat while making him a very elegant gentleman who will not go unnoticed!

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