Which Couple Massages to Rekindle the Flame?

Touch in a couple is a communication tool that allows you to get to know your partner better and one of the enriched forms of touch is massage. Characterized by a tender and sensual gesture, the latter encourages listening between the members of the couple. Nevertheless, massage can be practiced in several ways. Discover the ones you can do as a couple to familiarize yourself a little more with your bodies.

Body-body Massage

Also called body to body massage, the Body body massage is a sensual treatment that is practiced naked. However, the practitioner massages his partner not only with his hands, but also with his whole body. In this way, the massage includes the use of the nose, stomach, back, feet, elbows and buttocks. Highly appreciated by couples, for sensuality, freedom and the strengthening of their intimacy

It is a ritual that is practiced gently most often in the evening after work or at the end of a week. Nevertheless, you must seek advice from professionals to know everything about body massage. The proper execution of this massage depends on it, which can bring the two partners closer and bring real well-being.

A duo massage in an institute

Couple enjoying a duo massage in an institute

The duo massage is a practice for two specially designed for lovers. It is most often practiced to show attachment to one’s partner. Likewise, it is the most suitable for allowing the body to be deeply relaxed. However, the massage tables are close together to form one, and this, in the room where you are alone together.

In this way, the couple massages between them or by professionals. It should be noted that this type of sensual and beneficial touch makes it possible to reduce toxins and excesses linked to the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. Also, the practice of this massage on the body of your partner increases his concentration and reduces the fatigue of the body.

A hot wax massage

Moment of relaxation and well-being, hot towel candle

Recognized for its relaxing and soothing benefits, hot wax massage is easy and accessible to all couples. Indeed, the practitioner does not need any knowledge of massage therapy to allow his partner to benefit from all the advantages that flow from it. Also, you have the possibility to do it at home with your partner.

In addition, the hot wax massage is done with a massage oil produced by candles specially designed for this purpose. For this, the candle is left after lighting until it turns into hot wax. Thus, the latter once in contact with the body becomes an oil with which the massage will be performed. It should be noted that these candles, in addition to being scented and inspiring relaxation, are 100% natural. Also, the wax is comparable to an essential oil, specifically the one that was included in the making of the candle.

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