Which e-reader to choose to give to her husband? Christmas and birthday ideas

If your husband is an avid reader and you no longer have room in your home to store the many books that accumulate over time, we have a solution for you: give him an e-reader!

The value of an e-reader for reading regularly

The e-reader is a small, compact object similar to a tablet, but which is used only for reading. This is important to clarify because if you want games, videos or music, the eReader will not turn out to be the right choice. Its considerable advantage over the paper book is that it takes up much less space while being much lighter. It is therefore easily transportable for the slightest movement.

The other advantage is its black and white screen composed of electronic ink in order to keep a paper book effect. The consequence is that the e-reader will not cause you eye problems unlike a real screen. You can also adjust the size and the font for a significant reading comfort.

Two benchmarks in the e-reader category

Two brands are elbows in e-readers: Kobo (Fnac) and Kindle (Amazon). On the one hand, Kobo offers five e-reader models while Kindle only offers three. Prices range from € 69.99 to € 279.99 and it is difficult to find the gem. This is why we have chosen to offer you a comparison of the mid-range models that we have already had in hand, all you have to do is choose an e-reader to offer for your husband.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite model comes with a 6 ‘touch screen with a better screen resolution (300ppp for Paperwhite against 167ppp for the classic model). Its subtlety is that it is resistant to water up to 2m deep. The screen also has 5 LED backlighting. Its storage capacity is 8GB or the equivalent of 6000 pounds! A model also exists with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

The great strength of Kindle is that its catalog is very extensive with more than 5.5 million ebooks, some of which are exclusive. Kindle also offers a monthly subscription to have unlimited access to their own library with nearly one million titles. Its weak point, in our opinion, is the format of the ebook, which can only be read on Kindle and purchases must be made on Amazon.

Kobo Aura edition 2

The Kobo Aura edition 2 model also has a 6 ‘screen without glare, but uses Carta E Ink touchscreen technology. The screen is backlit and has a built-in ComfortLight mode that is fully adjustable. Kobo has added an ultra-thin coating to extend the longevity of the product and ensure even light distribution. Regarding its storage capacity, it only has 4GB, but that still leaves the possibility of having up to 3000 books on the e-reader.

Unlike Kindle, Kobo accepts several formats: ePub, universal ebook format, PDF, JPEG, HTML, GIF or even TXT. Finally, you can get your ebooks on any digital bookstore and this is what constitutes, for us, the strong point of this e-reader. So you can continue to donate money to independent bookstores with a digital platform while reading on your eReader!

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