Which first mobile plan to choose for your child?

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Giving a child their own phone is another step towards their independence and is also a very practical security when they are not with you.

Among the existing telephone plan offer, you should look for a plan that is suitable for its age and needs. And why not go further by taking advantage of this new package to reduce telephone expenses for the whole family?

The blocked package: an obligation?

The blocked plan is a great idea to start in the world of smartphones.

A blocked children’s plan gives you complete control over how much your child spends with their phone. With it, he has no possibility of ordering games from the Apple and Android stores for a two or three-digit bill each month.

These blocked packages are also very practical if it is a contract where mobile data is billed (and often at a prohibitive price) as soon as a ceiling is exceeded.

The blocked plan may or may not include unlimited calls, unlimited sms. This does not mean a lack of communication, but a stranglehold on the sums spent with the use of the telephone.

Today, the offer of packages is so vast that you can almost customize what is included in a blocked package.

A limited plan to control your phone use

For those who experienced 1 hour + 50 sms packages in the early 2000s, the unlimited whole was a revolution.

However, more and more voices now question its usefulness, including with young children. The most common fear is to see a child spend his time on his smartphone, preferring to send text messages than to meet “in real” friends or spending hours on social networks.

Limiting its use in terms of data to reduce its presence on the Internet, as well as forcing it to a limited number of SMS, can avoid having a child always lost in his phone who cuts himself off from the world around him.

Family discount offers

Many telephone operators offer discounts for households with multiple subscriptions. Think about it when looking for a first package for your child.

First check with your current operator if a promotion exists by adding a new line. If not, you can study the offers of the competition.

This is particularly the case of SFR with its SFR Family offer or of Orange with its Open packs.

Discounts on phones when subscribing

The expense is not limited to the package payable for your child. You’re going to have to provide him with a phone.

Previously, all carriers had package deals with the purchase of a phone at a discounted price and a plan with a multi-month commitment. This is less the case now.

However, this is a very appropriate system for your child’s first package. Accompany a commitment with a blocked plan with a cheap phone and your bank accounts will be as happy as your child to discover their new high-tech equipment!

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