Which glue to use for gluing tile skirting boards?

For the installation of tiled plinths, the use of glue has more advantage than nailing or screwing. It offers a uniform distribution on all sides, and an absence of holes in the elements.

That said, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly which one to choose. To simplify your task, here we show you the 3 types of glue suitable for installing baseboards and how to use them properly.

3 adhesives for tile plinths

Acrylic, neoprene and polymer glues are the 3 types of glue generally used for installing tile baseboards. Here is an overview of their particularity to help you choose the one best suited to your needs.

Acrylic glue

Ideal for indoor bonding, acrylic glue adheres to almost all types of materials and substrates. It allows you to glue various types of baseboards, on the walls as well as on the floor.

In addition, the acrylic glue does not contain any solvents and offers you the possibility of painting after complete drying. Made from an acrylic resin, it does not emit any odor or harmful gas. Finally, it offers immediate support. However, you cannot use it for laying tiled plinths outdoors.

Polymer glue

Undoubtedly the most versatile, polymer glue is suitable for indoor and outdoor fixings. Multi-support glue, it is highly recommended for the installation of baseboards. It allows you to fix all kinds of materials including tiles, plaster, wood, PVC materials, cement, etc.

In addition to being multi-purpose, it has increased resistance to bad weather and does not lose its grip over time. On the other hand, it is more expensive.

Neoprene glue

It is a quick-setting contact glue, but it requires double gluing to be effective. It is the ideal solution for a quick installation of your baseboards because the bonding is instantaneous and you do not need to hold for several minutes before it sets.

Available in gel, tube or pot form, neoprene glue offers optimum resistance over time. On the other hand, it is very sensitive to humidity and cold and gives off a strong odor.

How to use these glues on the baseboards?

To install the baseboards using glue, you must first have the appropriate material and prepare the wall for installation. It must be dry, clean, degreased, solid and flat.

For installation with neoprene glue, it is advisable to do a double gluing. You must apply a layer of glue to both the baseboard and the wall before gluing them evenly. Note that this type of glue is final and does not allow repositioning. Make sure you align the plinth correctly.

For acrylic and polymer, they must be applied in a bead on one of the two supports. You must install the baseboard with the glue still wet to be able to touch it up if necessary. Then press hard on it to stabilize it for a few seconds. Finally, use a sponge to remove the excess glue.

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