Which gutter – Zinc, Copper or Aluminum?

Wondering which gutter to use for your renovation or construction work? You will find different models of gutters on the market such as copper gutters or steel gutters. Each of them is distinguished by its technical characteristics and qualities. Which gutter to choose for your home? We talk about it here.

Durability will be found in a zinc gutter

If you are concerned about ensuring the longevity of your roof, a zinc gutter is the most suitable. It is a natural, good quality and recyclable material. Its durability is estimated to be over 50 years when properly maintained.

Its material is anticorrosive and remains tenacious in the face of severe weather. Its installation requires the help of a professional because of its installation system by welding or sealing with silicone mastic. A zinc gutter also remains discreet and goes well with any roof model.

Aesthetics and robustness with a copper gutter

Made of noble material, a copper gutter stands out from other models by its aesthetics and robustness. It brings charm to your home. This material is resistant to snowfall, heavy rain, hail, frost, etc.

The advantage with a copper gutter is that it patina over time. It can keep its aesthetics for a very long time. Its solidity gives it a longevity of more than 50 years. Its installation is carried out by interlocking or welding.

Simplicity with a PVC gutter

A PVC gutter is reserved for people who wish to bet on the economic aspect for their construction or renovation work. It is also appreciated because of its installation and its simple maintenance.

This material is also resistant to corrosion even if it expands or contracts in the face of high temperatures. Its simple installation is carried out by gluing or by interlocking with PVC joint.

Trendy style with an aluminum gutter

The practicality and aesthetics of an aluminum gutter make it a trendy model. It is light and easy to install. Its material gives it good resistance to cold and weakening. It is installed by seamless embedding or by sealing with mastic.

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