Which kibble flavors do dogs love the most?

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Do our dogs have fussy taste buds, do they have well-defined tastes? If you change their kibble overnight to them, will they eat them or be choosy. Does the choice of ingredients really have an impact for the dog, does he feel the difference when he eats?

What are the flavors generally found in dog food?

There is no mystery in dog food, you can find different meats, for example you will have duck-based dog food. But also with chicken, turkey or rabbit, only that’s not all, in the croquettes you also find vegetables as well as cereals.

Meat is necessarily better for them because it is their original diet. It is also necessary to limit cereals, because it is not digestible for them, too much cereal, gives them gas and bloating. All of these can give them some chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. If you notice that your dog has diarrhea, you must see if the chosen kibble does not have too much cereal in their composition.

Do dogs really care about what’s in their bowl?

But, in the end, if your dog is really interested in flavor, at first glance the answer is no, but maybe you should give it a try, to make up your own mind. I advise you to take small packages, or even samples to give your dog a taste of different flavors.

You will then see for yourself which type of ingredient your dog prefers. It should still be borne in mind that the dog is originally a carnivore, so it will prefer food of animal origin.

Do not forget to limit sugar, indeed it is an element that can really be dangerous for him. It is an ingredient that can bring him cardio-vascular problems, but also obesity. It is therefore not necessary to introduce him to this flavor, which he does not know, but which he could really appreciate.

You can supplement his diet with some moist foods, such as cans of mash. However, do not overdo it and give the quantities that respect a daily ration. This mixture will ensure a balanced diet and therefore a healthy dog, because it will benefit from the nutrients necessary for its well-being.

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