Which Motorcycle for a Child Based on their Age?

Taking into account the age of your child is essential if you want to offer him the motorcycle best suited to his needs, his abilities and safe to use for him. In order to simplify your task and avoid variations in choice, the models available on the market are made and distributed by age group. We enlighten you on the different types and models of motorcycles recommended by age to help you choose the right one for your child.

At what age should you start riding a motorcycle?

The minimum age is estimated at 3 years from which a young child can be introduced to riding a motorcycle. However, some brands offer motorcycle models which they indicate are suitable for children from their first year of birth, i.e. the age of 1 year.

However, while 3 years is the standard age, it is still relatively subjective. All children of the same age do not necessarily have the same morphology or growth rate. It is up to the parent who knows his child better and his skills to judge the opportune moment to introduce him to motorcycling. You can find a lot of additional advice on this dedicated site.

Which motorcycle for a child from 12 months to 4 years old?

Little boy riding a 3 wheel motorcycle on the street

From 1 to 4 years old, we recommend that you turn to a 6 V electric pocket bikes. This is the simplest variant of a children’s motorcycle, generally with three wheels for more stability and comfort. . With a power of 6 V and a speed of 2 to 5 km / h, ideal for a new baby.

Which motorcycle for a child aged 3 to 7?

From the age of 3 to up to the age of 7, you can increase your power slightly by opting for a 12 V electric child motorcycle or an alternative equipped with a 50 cc heat engine. He will be able to begin to experience the sensations of driving with a movement speed of 7 km / h that you can restrict to 5 or 3 km / h.

Which motorcycle for a child over 7?

Beyond 7 years old, you can get down to business by turning to a relatively powerful motorcycle with an appearance quite similar to adult motorcycles.

It can be an electric model with a voltage of 36 V or a thermal motorcycle with an engine with a displacement of 65 to 90 cc. The machine can reach a speed of 45 km / h and integrate a clamping system at several levels to adapt the speed to the progress of the child.

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