Which mountain bike to choose for a woman?

Are you looking for a women’s all-terrain bike? You will certainly have noticed that many manufacturers develop and market ranges of mountain bikes for women. But how do you find the model that is best suited to your morphology and your needs among the existing multitude?

Just like the men’s variants, there are some relevant criteria to consider when purchasing a women’s ATV. Here are some tips to guide you in your choice.

The folding mountain bike for a compact choice

You can let yourself be seduced by a folding mountain bike model. An endlessly innovative type of bicycle appreciated for its many advantages such as the compactness which is generally lacking in classic bicycle models. Its foldable design makes it more compact, therefore less bulky and easy to store.

Depending on the model, your folding mountain bike may be reduced to 1/3 of its actual size when folded. Which is quite fascinating in view of the space saving it can offer you. As it doesn’t take up too much space, you won’t have any difficulty storing it. The compactness of the folding mountain bike is combined with lightness.

This ensures you a great ease of transport. You can therefore easily wear it on impractical or more difficult journeys such as climbs. Or combine it with other modes of public transport. Finally, the folding mountain bike is robust. All you have to do is find a suitable model for a woman from the collection available on the market.

A semi-rigid mountain bike to have confidence

The semi-rigid mountain bike is generally opposed to the full suspension mountain bike. These two concepts have their specificity and are aimed at practitioners of different levels. The hardtail mountain bike has a rigid frame and a telescopic fork, without rear suspension. Its front suspension provides good shock absorption and wheel grip for better insurance on rough terrain.

Usually designed in aluminum or carbon fiber, the hardtail mountain bike is lighter and more responsive than a full suspension mountain bike and allows you to pedal longer distances. The women’s semi-rigid mountain bike is the best choice if you are a beginner or want to learn the technique and gain confidence.

The full-suspension mountain bike, on the other hand, has both rear and front suspension. Its frame incorporates a shock absorber that absorbs shocks more effectively to limit jolts and offer more comfort to the pilot on particularly chaotic terrain. It has the disadvantage of being heavier and is ideally aimed at more experienced pilots or practicing extreme disciplines.

An ATV with the right travel according to your needs

Make sure that the women’s mountain bike you choose has the ideal level of travel for your use of your bike. Remember that the travel specifically designates the vertical oscillation of the sleeve in relation to the forks of your bike when the suspension is requested. Its amplitude is estimated in millimeters (mm).

The choice of travel is essentially dictated by the use you want to do with your ATV. For a cross-country bike for example, you will opt for a mountain bike with a travel of 100 to 120 mm. For enduro, look to a model with 130 to 180 travel.

An electric mountain bike to go even further

Classic or folding mountain bikes are fine, but an electric mountain bike is even better if you are traveling long distances. Depending on the power of the integrated motor, the electric assistance allows you to drive at a maximum speed of 25 km / h and therefore to move faster.

Beyond speed, pedaling assistance also provides more comfort and less effort during your travels. You will be able to adapt your driving according to your journeys. In particular, pedaling on level ground without obstacles. And count on electric assistance to tackle steep terrain more gently.

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