Which platform to choose to become a courier? UberEats, Deliveroo …

Whether you are a student, looking for additional salary or unemployed, the job of bicycle courier can have its advantages. If you are interested in this profession, but you do not know the procedures, we advise you to read our guide!

Bicycle courier platforms

As of today, there are 7 companies that use bicycle couriers for delivery: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Stuart, You2You and Please. Before taking the first comer, it is fashionable to learn about what each of them can bring.

Uber Eats: Uber Eats is the leader in France by being established in 140 cities in France the vast majority of couriers and by Uber Eats. In addition to being of legal age and a micro-entrepreneur, the company will ask you to own your own bicycle, to have a smartphone, a clean criminal record and an identity document valid in the European Union.

Deliveroo: Deliveroo is the second leader in France and is established in 55 cities in France. He too will ask you, in addition to being of legal age and a micro-entrepreneur, to have your own bike, your smartphone and an identity document that allows you to create a company in France.

Stuart: As for Stuart, it is established in 47 French cities and will only ask you to have your own bike and your smartphone in addition to the two aforementioned instructions.

You2You: You2You is present in 14 French cities and wishes to double its network in 2019. The platform offers two options: the Youser which is a collaborative delivery person and which does not require any status – beware, it is really for additional income – and the Courser, which is the branch of the classic bicycle courier.

Please: Please, is present in 12 cities in France and will only ask you to be of legal age and to own a micro-enterprise. In addition to the bicycle, you can also deliver by car if you have one.

How to become a bicycle courier?

Before setting out to conquer companies offering bicycle delivery, you will need to comply with the following two instructions: be of legal age and have a SIRET number.

For the first proposition, you should answer it easily. However, taking the steps to get a SIRET number can turn out to be a real headache. Don’t panic, however, we will explain all the steps to you.

First, go to the Guichet-Entreprises website to create your micro-enterprise status. Indeed, the majority of bicycle couriers are under this regime because it is the simplest and least restrictive regime.

Once the form has been duly completed, all you have to do is open a bank account dedicated to your activity – no, it is not mandatory to have a professional account – and to receive your precious SIRET number in the box. to letters, a few days later.

Once the administration is complete, you can set out to conquer businesses in need of bicycle couriers. Note all the same that you are independent and therefore that you can deliver for several companies, this is even strongly recommended if you want to have a good income.

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