Which Tourist Visa for Australia?

You have chosen to go to the Australian, so you are in the process of finding out about the different procedures before your departure. By making the list of necessary documents, you see that there are 3 types of visa and you do not really know which one to choose. Here are some tips that will help you make a choice.

How to choose among the different visas?

There are 3 tourist visas in Australia, depending on your needs one will be better than another. Here are the characteristics of each and under what conditions you will need them.

The eVisitor visa (subclass 651)

This visa is completely free, it allows you to stay 3 consecutive months on Australian territory, for each visit. You can therefore return to Australia several times in the same year, with the same visa. It is therefore perfect for a short stay, for a family visit, or for sightseeing.

To get it, all you need to do is go to the Immigration Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. You cannot apply from Australia, you have to do it outside of Australia. Once the request is made, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

ETA – Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)

Like the eVisitor, it is valid for short stays of up to 3 months on site, renewable. But it is a document that only Europeans and certain other countries like the United States can request. The request must also be made outside Australian territory and the cost of the Australian ETA authorization will be $ 20.

You should know that as a French or Belgian, you will not be able to apply on your own, you will have to go through a travel agency to book your trip. Despite this, it facilitates administrative procedures.

Visitor Visa

Ideal for people wanting to stay for a long time in Australia, it can be used for stays of 3 to 12 months. Unlike the other two, the request can be made outside, but also inside the territory. It is the place of the request that will define the price, by making a request from the outside, the price is 145 $, if you make a request from the inside, you will have to pay 365 $.

You should know that with this type of visa, you will not be able to work or receive remuneration. You will have to justify your financial situation, as well as to have health insurance. Ideal for long trips and if you have enough financial resources to support yourself.

What can be done with a tourist visa in Australia?

With a tourist visa you have the possibility of doing many things, as long as these do not pay.

  • You can visit as you wish over the duration of your visa
  • Studied for a maximum of 3 months
  • Volunteering and / or Wwoofing
  • Business travel, in this context you can attend professional meetings, make partnerships, negotiate contracts, go to a conference, etc.
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