Who are the greatest historians in France?

France is renowned for its history and its passion for history. Many historians or apprentice historians appear in the media.

We are going to present to you the six greatest historians of France! Note that this classification is obviously totally biased and that very good other historians would have deserved to be included.

Max Gallo

French historian, writer and politician, Max Gallo holds a doctorate in history in 1968 with a postgraduate thesis. This one is based on propaganda from fascist Italy. Born January 7, 1932 in Nice and died July 18, 2017 in Vaison-la-Romaine, he is one of the greatest French historians. His best works are among others Napoleon-volume 1, The song of the departure or Mussolini’s Italy: Twenty Years of the Fascist Era. To find Max Gallo’s books, just go to the reading advice site. His literary works challenge each of us and do not leave us indifferent.

In his work French Revolution-Volume 1, Gallo retraces the story of King Louis XVI who is crumbling under the weight of good or bad decisions that drag bourgeois and proletarians into a whirlwind of violence.

Jules Michelet

Known to be one of the greatest historians of the 19th century, Jules Michelet is the father of modern history. He is inspired by Leibniz and writes his works to shed light on the history of the world. Through his work Introduction to Universal History, he exposes to us his vision of universal history as a long struggle of freedom against fatality. His masterpiece the Hhistory of France makes a combination of the national narrative, developments on mentalities, the arts, letters or everyday life.

Fernand Braudel

Member of the French Academy, Fernand Braudel works for an evolution of civilization. In his work The Identity of France, he tells us about France in all its facets. Considered to be the greatest work of our time, his work The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean world at the time of Philip II,Talks about overall movements, politics and men in order to make us aware.

Alain Corbin

Historian specializing in the 19th century, Alain Corbin became one of the pioneers in the study of sensitivity to time. His work and his writings are turned in this direction. We have his work in particular Rain, Sun and Wind: a story of weather sensitivity. In this book, he describes the weather and meteors.

Marc Bloch

Co-founder of Annals of economic and social histories, Marc Bloch through his works speaks of several areas of life. In 1924 he published his work : The thaumaturge kings in which he experiences a comparative study.

Marc Bloch innovates in 1931 to enlighten us more on the evolution of agrarian structures of the medieval and modern West by writing the work : The Original Characters of French Rural History.

It sums up the obligations and requirements of a historian in his work Apology for history or the profession of historian published in 1949. This testament book explains to us what being history really means.

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