Who has seen my Facebook profile?

Because Facebook does not offer an official way for you to know who is viewing your profile, it can be very difficult for you to determine exactly who has visited your account.

But do not worry. To find out who has viewed your profile, you can simply use Facebook’s source code or use a third-party application designed for this purpose.

How do I know who viewed my profile?

Note that there are 2 simple and relatively secure methods that let you know who has viewed your Facebook profile. You can either use a third-party application or use the source code from Facebook.

Use an app

It is a method that has been widely popularized recently, with the appearance on the download platforms of a multitude of applications, claiming to help you have a view of the audience of your profile, so to know exactly who the visit. But what is it really? Note that these applications have all been disowned by Facebook through the voice of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Moreover, most of them have turned out to be a scam or a way to hack and steal your personal data. That said, you can go through Google chrome extensions or plugins like Social Profile View Notification, which seems to offer results by providing you with a listing of likely visitors to your Facebook profile.

In short, installing an application to try to find out who is viewing your Facebook profile is not a really reliable and secure solution, therefore to be used with knowledge of the risks.

Look at the source code of Facebook

This method has the merit of being the safest for your data and personal information, although its precision remains relative. For this you must, from the interface of your profile, press the Ctrl + U keys on your keyboard in order to display its source code. Then press the Ctrl + F keys to open the search bar in which you must enter the expression “friendslist”, then click on Enter.

Friendslist will be highlighted in orange with just below a sequence of about 50 numbers all ending in “-2”, representing the ID of the last people supposed to have visited your profile. Finally, to find the person behind the number, you just have to copy and paste this number in the bar of your browser following this example: www.facebook.com/number of identifier recorded, without the “-2”.

What can people on my profile see?

What people on your Facebook profile can see depends largely on your account’s privacy settings. By default, your profile is set to “Public”. In this case, your visitors will be able to see several details such as: your name, your profile picture, the photos of your albums, your date of birth, your country / city, your list of friends, your status, the journal of your publications and those with which you interact, etc …

Note that you can of course modify these settings to define yourself what you want to make visible on your profile, and who can consult your general information. You generally have 3 options to open or restrict your profile audience to: “Me”, “Friends” or “Public”.

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