Why add a leather tag to your clothes?

Custom labels are often used by brands to distinguish their designs or by companies wishing to create unique outfits. They can also be used by individuals wishing to give a certain touch to their clothes.

One of the most popular clothing customizations is the one using leather tags. Here are some reasons why it is desirable to use a leather tag.

Promote your business on your clothes

Who says advertising only stops at TV spots or banner ads on websites? Any opportunity is good to promote your business. The clothes you wear every day can therefore offer more visibility to your different products.

To do this, simply place a leather tag on said clothes. You have the possibility to place the name of your company or those of your flagship products on a visible part of your various outfits. born.

You can also add beautiful leather labels with your logo. Thus, you increase the chances of improving your company’s image with the public. It is therefore important that your logo reflects your industry and the values ​​of your company.

Display a message or its values

The leather label cleverly placed on clothing is not only reserved for promoting its brand. You can also use it to convey a discreet message or to display your values.

You may want to give an original item of clothing to one of your relatives or friends. Why not the personalize and add a leather tag to it with a kind word or message that means something to him? Like this, you will have the possibility to show him that you are attentive without being invasive as with a t-shirt flocking. Indeed, a leather label is clearly more discreet than a flocking.

However, nothing really prevents going overboard with a leather label, especially when it comes to displaying its values. You always have the option of using large labels or visible colors.

Have an original garment

We must admit that today it is less and less easy to have a fashion style own to oneself. Unless you resort to home sewing, there’s a good chance your new outfit will end up in a lot of people’s closets.

Fortunately, it is possible to add a touch of originality to your outfit without spending crazy sums or spending hours with a needle in hand. Just add a unique leather tag and you’re good to go.

Transform a classic label

The use of a leather tag can just as easily be a simple choice of dress style. The leather label on jeans for example is nothing new. It is generally found at the level of the belt loops of jeans.

Today, the latter has become democratized and is found on many clothes such as parkas, hats and shoes.

Always to stand out, you can replace the classic label with something more original resulting from your inventiveness.

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