Why ADNS is the best wholesaler for an e-cigarette store?

When you decide to launch in the sale of electronic cigarettes, it is essential to choose the best suppliers. ADNS is one of the most reputable wholesalers in this field, but what are the reasons and why you should go through them for your products.

Your benefits by going through this wholesaler

The advantages are numerous by working with the electronic cigarette wholesaler ADNS, it is a true professional in the offers of equipment and e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, for professionals. Here are some of the advantages, providing you with this wholesaler.

  • ADNS is supplied from the best suppliers on the market
  • He listens to his customers and responds to each of their needs
  • ADNS has 220 brands at its disposal for 7000 references
  • More than 4,500 stores around the world trust it
  • As a French store, you will be quickly restocked thanks to their location near Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport
  • He negotiates with his suppliers to offer the best prices

Introducing ADNS

ADNS has been the French leader in this market since 2013, it has an international scope and offers to supply e-cigarette shops in more than 50 countries. With its reputation it allows you to benefit from quality products and regularly checked to ensure the safety of end customers.

Who are the providers of ADNS?

ADNS makes it a point of honor to source from the best providers, it makes a real selection and chooses only quality products.

  • Jovetech, is since 2007, the leader in the manufacture of materials for the e-cigarette. They keep innovating and using new technology to deliver the best products.
  • Geekvape, appreciated for its catalog, it is a popular brand on the French market, but also internationally.
  • Eleaf, the brand makes a point of honor on the quality of its products, which makes it a benchmark brand on the market.
  • Vaporesso, very avant-garde, it offers high-tech products that appeal to a large number of customers. They think above all of the end customer and offer very ergonomic products that will be greatly appreciated.
  • Smoktech, ideal for novices, the brand offers kits to start vaping, however it does not leave out everyday vapers and offers products corresponding to them.

Choosing a good wholesaler for your business is the key to success. You will be sure to have quality products that meet your needs. A bond of trust will be established with your wholesaler and it will be felt on your customers.

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