Why Adopt the One-Way Mirror in Your Interior?

The two-way mirror is a variation of the traditional mirror that consists of a film or metallic film. This device, generally present in spy films and detective series, simply allows you to see without being seen. Close-up of the operation, installation and the main advantages of this window.

How does a two-way mirror work?

The two-way mirror is a non-reversible window to which an opaque reflective layer called “tain” has been associated. The principle of such a device is therefore to allow light to pass on one side and to diffuse it on the other.

The way the two-way mirror works is quite simple. When the device is installed in an interrogation room, for example, the accused perceives it as a simple mirror. On the other hand, observers can follow the interrogation without being seen.

For the two-way mirror to function properly, certain conditions must be met. Indeed, the observer must view the scene from a dark room. The room where the interrogation takes place must be brightly lit.

What are the advantages of one-way mirrors?

For people who live in housing where the windows overlook a busy street, the one-way mirror is the ideal accessory. It will be used to protect against prying eyes.

The other advantage of this mirror comes from its design. Unlike traditional glass, this equipment is quite rigid because it is designed to withstand shocks. Also, it guarantees perfect insulation thanks to its reflective finish.

The two-way mirror does not require special maintenance. This type of glass can be easily cleaned with standard glass cleaners.

What is the price for a two-way mirror?

The price of one-way mirrors is conditioned by the size or dimensions of the glazing. It is possible to opt for a simple installation of a film on a window. The cost of this operation will be different from that of a complete device.

For the purchase of a full two-way mirror, you will have to pay between 200 and 350 euros per m², depending on the size. For a two-way film, you will need a budget of 23 to 30 euros for a dimension of 200 cm x 75 cm.

You will also find on the market films integrating the dimension 100 cm x 90 cm. The price in this context will vary between 12 and 15 euros.

How to install a two-way mirror film?

Installing a two-way film is a relatively simple operation that you can do at home without the need of a professional. Before you start, remember to prepare the support by cleaning it. To do this, use a window cleaner, a scraper and a squeegee.

Take the measurements of your glazing, then, using a cutter, cut the self-adhesive film according to the dimensions taken. Be sure to add 3cm on each side and the size of your window. Use masking tape to insulate the protective backing affixed to the film.

Then separate the film by wetting the adhesive with soapy water. Finally, all you have to do is place the two-way film on the glass, then adjust it to your preferences.

How to properly maintain a two-way mirror?

The maintenance of a two-way window is not much different from that of a normal mirror. To succeed in this task, you can use a clean microfiber cloth and a window cleaner. Dust your glass then spray the glass cleaner on the surface to be cleaned. Then rub lightly, drawing horizontal lines.

You can also use natural products like lemon juice to get your one-way mirror clean. The latter is very effective in restoring the windows to their original shine and removing scratches that occur over time.

The advantages of opting for a two-way mirror are many and varied. This device seduces by its originality, its aesthetic appeal and its particular mode of operation.

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