Why and how to insulate behind a wood stove?

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You are installing a wood stove in your home and you want to know how and why to insulate behind it. It is essential and very important to protect the wall behind the stove, for your safety above all, but also for the heating efficiency.

How to insulate behind a wood stove?

To protect your wall, you simply need to put in place a plate that also acts as a heat shield for a wood stove, which will effectively heat your entire interior. Opting for this solution allows you not to do any work, here are the different solutions to insulate behind your wood stove.

  • Heat shields that insulate and allow heat to radiate
  • Calcium silicate plates, which has the particularity of being ecological
  • A simple steel plate

You can also opt to choose the appropriate wall, several materials are resistant to the heat of wood stoves, so there is no risk. You can choose a fireproof plasterboard wall, aerated concrete, refractory brick or even compressed earth brick in addition to the existing wall.

What is the distance between a wood stove and the wall?

For optimum safety, a distance of 3 times that of the diameter of the duct must be respected. This data is set by the DTU which is a Unified Technical Document. For example if your duct is 20 cm long, a distance of 60 cm must be respected. This distance must therefore be adapted according to the stove chosen.

Why isolate behind a stove?

If you have the option of installing the wood stove a good distance from the wall, you don’t have to protect it, but it is still recommended. Protecting it allows you to:

  • Eliminate any risk of fire
  • Eliminate, the risk of the wall being damaged and cracking due to the heat
  • Prevent the wall from getting dirty, the stove will emit dust which can settle on the wall. It will be much easier to clean a protective plate than the wall itself.

Above all, you have to think about the safety of all people in the home where the pellet stove is installed, so it is essential to double-review your judgment regarding the thermal protection plates.

With all its information, you are now ready to select the solution that suits you best. The plates are generally aesthetic and do not spoil your interior, so it will not be a valid excuse not to put it.

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