Why are my nails splitting and how to fix it?

Have you recently noticed that your nails are splitting and wondering what is the cause? Would you like to know how to treat them?

You should note that there are many reasons for split nails, as well as practical solutions that are both preventive and curative.

Here are 6 explanations for splitting nails, as well as effective tips for treating and preventing them.

6 reasons why nails split

The best way to treat split nails is to know the causes. Here are precisely six factors that can favor this phenomenon.

Stress has an impact on the health of your nails

The spectrum of stressful harms extends to nail health. Besides weakening your immune system, it can also cause bad habits like onychophagia.

Varnish and false nails damage them

One of the most common causes is the overuse of solvents, varnishes and false nails which deteriorate the condition of your nails.

Too much housekeeping wears out your nails

Too much cleaning can be detrimental to your nails. Due in particular to the chemicals contained in detergents which irritate and wear down the skin and nails.

Food deficiencies

Undernourishment also has repercussions on the health of the nails. Especially when your food has a limited supply of essential nutrients such as protein, calcium or vitamin A, B and E.

Thyroid problems

Splitting fingernails can also be a sign of a thyroid problem. This condition has an impact on the consistency of the nails.


Are you in regular contact with water and damp surfaces? Your nails can become weakened and split over time.

How to treat split nails?

Detox, care and patience will be the watchwords for treating split nails. Here are some tips to find beautiful shiny nails.

  1. First, gently file your nails using a glass file and an eraser block. After the nail has been cleaned and dried, apply a hardening varnish as a base.
  2. Then use restorative creams and moisturizing oil to strengthen your nails.
  3. Finally, space your manicures to give your nails rest, as often and as long as possible.

What are the preventive solutions for split nails

With the right actions and good daily care, you can prevent nail splitting. Below are some helpful tips you can apply.

  • Wear cotton-lined gloves when necessary.
  • Prefer hardening and strengthening varnishes as a base before installation.
  • Avoid scratching hard objects with your fingernails.
  • Treat the nails frequently and apply moisturizer right after.
  • Let your nails rest.

Natural techniques for split nails

There are natural techniques to improve the condition of your nails like essential oils. You can for example massage your fingers and nails with sweet almond oil to moisturize them.

The same goes for mixtures based on lukewarm water and vinegar or lemon without which you can soak your fingers for about ten minutes. Carried out at least once a week, the results will be visible very quickly.

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