why are they important for a business?

In a food business (butcher, fishmonger, butcher, chocolate maker, etc.), refrigeration equipment is vital for the sustainability of the business.

Whether it is for the quality of your products or the turnover achieved, choosing the right accessories is a decisive criterion for success.

What are the refrigeration equipment?

The first refrigerating equipment that comes to mind are the refrigerator and the freezer. But these are not the only ones.

A cold room, an ice machine, a refrigerated table or a refrigerated display case are all refrigerating equipment found in food shops.

Then there are specificities depending on the profession. Thus, a sommelier has a cellar at the end, while a cheese has a cheese cellar.

The advantages of flawless refrigeration equipment

Better food preservation

This is the number 1 argument for buying excellent refrigeration equipment. They extend the shelf life of food, which is a real savings in the long run.

Then the aroma, texture and appearance of the food stay good longer. You sell or prepare recipes with optimal products.

The customer is confident

If the food looks better, the customer is obviously confident when they shop in your food store. Faced with meat that seems hardened and grayish and another tender and pink meat, you can imagine that he does not have the same reaction.

This confidence felt during the first visit to your store often translates into loyalty. However, you are not without knowing that it is even more important to retain a customer capable of coming to buy 20 x 50 € from you than to attract a customer who buys 1 x 200 € and who ends up disappointed.

Exemplary presentation of your products

In your refrigerator, your food is perfectly preserved. But, no customer sees them. So you put them in the store.

However, if the display cases are not suitable, good conservation is quickly spoiled by the often too hot temperatures which prevail in the premises accessible to customers.

To remedy this problem, there is a solution: the refrigerated display case. It provides ideal heat to keep your food.

Opting for quality display cases also has a big advantage when it comes to the presentation of your food. Who has never been seduced by a chocolate eclair or a Morteau sausage put forward in a display case?

A display case adapted to the type and quantity of food to be presented to the customer increases your turnover considerably.

Make tests in the layout of your windows, highlight seasonal products, promotions or original preparations. You will not be disappointed with the result!

Happy employees thanks to efficient equipment

Customers are not the only stakeholder in your business. Have you thought about the happiness of your employees at their workplace?

If every morning your baker has to notice the damage a bad fridge has on his pasta from the day before, demotivation will not take long to happen.

Working in an environment where refrigeration equipment makes it possible to offer the customer quality finished products is the greatest possible satisfaction for a craftsman!

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