Why buy a breathing mask for sports?

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It is now possible to increase cardio-vascular performance by practicing sport in high altitude conditions, such as in the mountains, without going there! The training Mask is the new sports accessory that achieves such feats.

In what follows, you will know more about this tool, what it is for, the advantages of its use, for which activity you can use it and especially how you can easily obtain a good quality training Mask.

Concretely, what is a Training Mask?

The Training Mask is a tool designed to increase your endurance during physical exercises, by lowering the oxygenation rate of the lungs and blood. This mechanism leads to a significant increase in the number of red blood cells which, loaded with oxygen, will be transported to the muscles. The muscles thus loaded with oxygen will respond effectively during your workouts.

Due to its shape, the Training Mask covers the mouth and nose. Its elasticity is one of its properties that allows it to attach properly to the face. You can adjust the air inlet and outlet as you wish, using its 3 filters.

What are the advantages of using a Training Mask?

The training Mask is described as an altitude simulator because once you put it on and start to train, it mimics the high altitude training conditions as much as possible, where air is scarce. .

This feeling of being at altitude is very beneficial for the body, since the exercises practiced at high altitude are the most recommended and the most effective for improving its cardiovascular performance. Respiratory mask, elevation mask, oxygen mask, etc., are all names given to it by its users, both professionals and amateurs, depending on the effects they have had through the use of the Training Mask.

You will understand, the Training Mask has more than one advantage. It actively acts on the respiratory muscles, and controls the flow of air entering the lungs while strengthening the activity of the latter, which has a direct impact on your breath.

In which sport to use a Training Mask?

Although the Training Mask was originally created for martial arts and boxing, any other sport requiring a lot of effort can use it. So, whether you are a professional athlete (football player, basketball player, athlete, etc…), or an ordinary person doing simple jogging, the Mask training will be very useful to you.

Where can I find a good quality Training Mask?

You can get the Mask training online or in any supermarket specializing in the sale of sports equipment. When it comes to quality, there are several different models and brands. We recommend, to test the mask without breaking the bank, the training version 3.0 or the version just before this one of the Phatom model, which are among the best Training Mask of the moment.

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