Why buy Enchantimals for a Christmas present for a little girl?

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s never too early to start thinking about your next Christmas shopping. These dolls are quite special, they represent both flora and fauna and each have their own character. There is a real story behind each one that will spark the imagination of your children.

What are Enchantimals dolls?

The Enchantimals are simply half-human, half-creature dolls that are about six inches tall, they have a rather modern style that reflects their personality and the animal that accompanies them. They are dolls that perfectly reflect today’s young girls, with little extra touches like magical powers and characteristics defining their companion.

Each of the dolls is accompanied by a creature, which can symbolize a mascot and represents an animal from the farm, forest, water or even the savannah. It is certainly these adorable little characters that will convince you, as well as the magical universe that surrounds them. They have a very important role, the dolls have a character similar to that of the little animal that escorts them.

Girls’ Favorite Enchantimals

Why do kids love Enchantimals?

Basically they were made for little girls aged 4 to 9, but they can be quite suitable for boys, there are even characters representing boys. It is not only children who will be happy, such a doll will make toy collectors happy.

These dolls are particularly popular because they tell a real story. They are each offered with their own character and power. They represent a loyal friendship whether between the dolls themselves or with their pet.

Children can identify with one of the dolls, because they each have their own personality. They can be found in one of them, this is one of the reasons why children appreciate these dolls so much.

The Enchantimals to educate children about animals

It is a fantastic and magical universe, where the different dolls evolve, with their different character traits, their unique physique, the powers they have and their little animals. Their role is to protect and take care of their various companions, but also of the nature that surrounds them, that’s how their kindness improves.

The Mattel brand has imagined the perfect world to convince children to take an interest in it. The animals range from peacocks to foxes, but there are also zebras, rabbits, lions and geese. Like each doll, each child has a favorite animal, which is certainly what will guide you in your choice. Children will easily identify with each other and will in turn want to take care of what surrounds them, whether it is animals or nature.

So do not wait to think about the different Enchantimals dolls, that you will choose for Christmas. These are dolls that have become very popular and in demand among little girls, so it’s best to get ahead and think about it early.

The best Enchantimals dolls to buy

The universe of Enchantimals dolls

This universe has 34 different dolls each accompanied by their companion and their story. You can choose the dolls simply accompanied by their small pet, or boxes composed in addition to their favorite activities.

And if you appreciate this universe so much, you will be able to enjoy the various objects representing it. Coloring pages, headphones for listening to music, but also books. Many other toys and activities can complete the collection.

History of Enchantimals dolls

This collection of dolls was created by Mattel in 2016, but they were presented to the general public during the Toy Fair in New York, in 2017. It was during this event that individuals and professionals had the honor to discover the fantastic universe of the Enchantimals, which is now a great success. You should know that their motto is Caring is our everything.

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