Why Change Vehicle for a Less Polluting Car in Paris?

Do you own a car rated Crit’Air 4 or 5? Note that since June 1, 2021, there have been restrictions on the movement of these cars in the low emission zones (ZFE) of Paris.

This initiative will drastically reduce poor air quality in city centers. It aims in particular to preserve the health of the inhabitants while protecting the environmental ecosystem. Here is why change your vehicle for a less polluting car in Paris.

Crit’Air Paris 4 and 5 vehicles are prohibited

The metropolitan low-emission zone (ZFE) has experienced a new initiative since June 1, 2021. This involves restricting the circulation of certain polluting cars, including Crit’Air 4. Indeed, these restrictions take into account the Crit’Air 4 diesel stickers that were registered with January 1, 2006.

In addition, they concern motorized two-wheelers which were created before July 2004. The Crit’Air 5 are still included there since their registration was effective before January 1, 1997 and before June 1, 2000 for both. -wheels.

An adapted and often more economical insurance for a less polluting vehicle

The circulation restrictions of Crit’Air 4 and 5 constitute an alternative to turning to a less polluting vehicle, but also to suitable insurance. This last option will allow some savings to be made. To do this, you must take out auto insurance. This provides you with different formulas guarantees.

You can go directly online to simulate the cost of auto insurance and find the one that best suits your needs. The choice of insurance first allows you to find an insurance contract suitable for your vehicle. It must be done on the basis of certain strict criteria. The guarantees offered must be in line with the daily use of your vehicle.

Freedom to drive in Paris and a gesture for the environment

Freedom to drive in Paris while respecting the environment

Since last June 1, drivers of Crit’Air 4 and 5 cars have been called upon to comply with the various restrictive measures in force. In particular, they are invited to turn to new solutions such as less polluting cars.

Thanks to these, they can move freely in Paris. In this sense, they can also subscribe to a Car Insurance. This allows them to protect themselves and to face serenely the damage caused to a third party.

To this end, insurance agencies offer various guarantees that should be chosen according to your needs. Thanks to these provisions, you can therefore drive safely in Paris.

In addition, the fact of turning now to less polluting cars is a favorable solution to protect the environmental ecosystem. Indeed, the water vapor rejected by the exhaust if the engine is cold is reduced with less polluting cars. Air pollution will also be limited. This will allow you to enjoy quality air.

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