Why Choose a Connected Mailbox?

The only limitation of our mailboxes today is that you have to check each time whether or not you have received mail or a package. It is to remedy this limit that connected mailboxes have emerged. How are they useful, is it a gadget or a real utility?

Avoid back and forth

Always with the aim of making our life easier, Automation seems to be attacking mailboxes after lighting and heating. The first interest in choosing a connected mailbox is the fact that it saves you unnecessary round trips. You are probably wondering how this will be possible. Well ! It’s very simple. Your mailbox will be equipped with a sensor placed on the door or the shutter of the latter in order to follow its slightest movements.

Then, thanks to a alert protocol integrated, you will be notified in case of mail or package deposit. The connected mailbox not only allows you to save time, but also in comfort. Thanks to this box, you will go to collect the mail only when there is some.

Be alerted when there is mail

With the mailbox connected, you just have to wait to receive a notification telling you that the postman has passed. Home automation makes your life easier. There are different ways to be alerted, it’s up to you to choose the alert that’s right for you. We have :

  • Text or SMS notification

It is very easy to receive the alert notifying the postman’s passage directly on his telephone.

This type of alert consists of making the letterbox react with a luminous lighting system using connected bulbs.

Apart from those mentioned, we also distinguish sound alerts, photo or video notifications, notifications on an application, etc.

Avoid impatient waiting

The connected mailbox also saves you the fact of being impatient with the passage or not of the postman. We usually find ourselves in this situation when waiting for the arrival of a large package. By only being alerted when the mailman has passed, you are spared unnecessary stress.

A notification corresponds to a passage of the postman, you are much calmer in these conditions. To go further, opt for the photo or video notification, this will allow you to have an image of the postman leaving the famous package.

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