Why Choose a Folding Mountain Bike for your Mountain Outings?

Are you planning to go on a mountain bike ride? A good folding mountain bike is hands down the best choice you can make for your mobility.

In addition to being specially designed for riding on the rugged terrain typical of the mountains, the folding ATV has other advantages that set it apart from ordinary mountain ATVs. In particular, its ease of transport and storage, its portability, its robustness and its ease of maintenance. We explore with you all the good reasons to opt for a folding mountain bike for your mountain outings.

For ease of transport and storage

The folding mountain bike is to be preferred above all for the ease of transport and storage that it allows to have. It has a foldable frame which makes the bike more compact. However, the final compactness obtained will largely depend on the folding system adopted by the manufacturer.

Most models have an integral folding system involving the frame, handlebars, pedals … allowing the bike to be reduced to almost a third of their normal size. It thus becomes less bulky and you can easily transport the mountain bike for your mountain trips.

It fits in the trunk of your car so you don’t have to invest in a bike rack. In the bus, tram or metro … you can take it everywhere without the risk of disturbing other users by combining other modes of transport.

For its lightness, if it is necessary to wear it uphill

The second good reason why it is interesting to opt for a folding mountain bike is its lightness. An asset that makes them easier to carry when the terrain conditions are less practicable or make pedaling particularly difficult.

In general, folding mountain mountain bikes are equipped with a lightweight frame, all-terrain wheels, as well as suspensions or shocks that improve the grip and traction of the bike. This is how these mountain bikes can tame and overcome more or less easily the obstacles associated with most terrain and mountainous trails.

That said, on particularly steep hills or slopes you will have no choice but to carry your bike on the way up. An experience that will be much simpler thanks to the featherweight of the folding mountain bike. This statement does not apply to all makes and models of folding ATVs, however. Also, we suggest that you always check the weight when choosing.

For its robustness equivalent to a classic mountain bike

Robustness is a key criterion in choosing a mountain mountain bike. And on this point folding mountain bikes have nothing to envy to classic mountain bike models. The innovations made by the manufacturers in terms of material make it possible to equip the bikes with more solid, rigid, resistant and light frames, without neglecting the comfort.

While aluminum remains the traditional and popular material for the design of all-mountain bikes, many manufacturers are increasingly offering models with carbon frames. A material offering greater lightness, rigidity and good corrosion resistance.

In addition to the frame, folding mountain bikes are fitted with puncture-proof tire systems. Combined with suspension / shock absorbers for comfort, the structure of folding mountain bikes allows them to face the rigors of rough terrain and extreme practices without fear.

For its ease of maintenance

Ease of maintenance is also a significant aspect for which it is interesting to choose a folding mountain bike. With a minimum of maintenance, you can optimize the life of your bike and enjoy using it.

As mountain rides are usually messy, cleaning is recommended immediately after each use to prevent dirt and other dirt from drying out. Washing, degreasing, lubricating and routine inspections are enough to maintain and keep your folding ATV in good condition.

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