Why choose ceramic protection for your rims?

Own a car or a motorbike requires that we take care of it. This maintenance concerns several parts of the machine, one of the most essential of which is the rims on which the tires are placed. Taking into account their positioning and the material of which they are made, the rims are more exposed to receive dust, sand, chemicals in washing … To save the appearance and the resistance of the machines, several possibilities of care s ‘offer to owners. One of them is the use of ceramic wax as protection for the rims.

What is ceramic protection?

The ceramic protection is one more coat that is applied to the rim surface. It is made after the opening. It is a product created thanks to the ability of technology to manipulate the smallest molecules. These particles put together therefore form the ceramic wax. It is a very thick layer which is different from regular waxes. This product by its tiny components allows a complete occupation of the surface on which it is affixed. When it is applied, it should be noted that it is perfectly transparent.

To apply this protective layer, the intervention of a professional is necessary, since it is not an easy process to achieve. The operation must be carried out in a place suitable for this purpose, that is to say in a healthy place, free of any dust and with optimal brightness. The specialist must ensure that the rims are clean and well polished before the operation, otherwise the ceramic wax will not stick to the gap.

What are the advantages of ceramic protection?

The ceramic protection of the rims allows fill all the small openings and traces present there. It confers a lipophilic capacity to the surfaces on which it resides. Thus water and grease no longer have direct access to the rims to cause dirt difficult to remove. Which therefore helps to avoid rust problems.

By means of this protection, the surface of the rims has a great capacity to resist scratches and ultra violet rays from the sun. Extreme heat being one of the causes of dilapidation surfaces, it protects against it and also prevents bad jokes of engraved inscription that one would like to make you suffer. It offers ease in rim washing, without having to worry about the marks that the brush will leave there.

Also, ceramic protection is a barrier against the chemical bases contained in the maintenance products. This is not the case with traditional and artificial waxes. Even after multiple washes with strong detergents, there is no disappearance of the ceramic wax. With this method of protection, you can allow yourself a daily maintenance of your car or motorcycle. Nevertheless, one should not exaggerate in the use of washing gels. It is essential to favor the use of mild cleaning soaps that do not attack your vehicle.

The ceramic protection gives even more beauty to your machines. By its transparent effect, it allows a perfect shine of the rim. Ceramic protection lasts a long time. It can have a lifespan of between 12 to 36 months. It all depends on the quality of the product, the form of application, but also on the use and care that will be given to it.

Furthermore, in order to enjoy this protection for a long period, it is necessary, after applying the ceramic, to coat the rims with spray sealant a few months after waxing them. It is possible to do this after 3 months, 6 months or 9 months. It’s up to you to choose the frequency that suits you. The sealant exists under several brands. However, you can try the one from Carpro called Reload.

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