Why choose Distance Learning rather than Face-to-face?

The development of digital teaching solutions poses the problem of the choice between face-to-face and distance learning. There are many arguments for favoring more and more online training. The advantages are not negligible, but you also have to be able to deal with the disadvantages of distance learning. How to choose the right distance learning and demonstrate attendance?

Why are distance learning courses more and more preferred?

Distance learning offers a multitude of advantages. First, the learner has great flexibility of place and time.

The content of distance learning courses is generally accessible anywhere and at any time, students are free to arrange their study schedules. For example, you have the choice between working in the morning or in the evening and dedicating your afternoon to family commitments, for example. Even better, there is still the possibility of combining profession and studies.

Moreover, this mode of teaching is ideal for cultivating self-discipline, when you follow an online course, no one is watching you. It is up to you to impose certain rules on yourself, and to stick to them. Participating in distance learning is, in short, an opportunity to develop rigorous habits and a sense of responsibility.

The other advantage of distance learning lies in their prices. The high price of tuition fees for traditional training constitutes an obstacle to the pursuit or resumption of studies. On the other hand, distance learning often offers much lower costs.

How to choose distance learning?

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There are many criteria to consider when choosing distance learning, starting with the definition of a good professional project. Maintaining one’s job, changing position or retraining are some of the objectives to be set in order to acquire knowledge in order to progress.

Your project must therefore take your aspirations into account. You must also build it according to the needs of the job market and the change of profession you want to achieve. Take inspiration, for example, from EFC Formation opinions to find out how to properly define your professional project.

It is also advisable to find out about the qualitative aspect of the training offered. The elements that allow you to have an idea of ​​the quality of the training are: the success rate of the organization and the rate of professional integration. Reading the EFC Formation opinions formulated by former students of this structure will help you on this subject.

Finally, it is important to find out about course content before embarking on distance learning. Also, get involved in knowing the program of teaching modules.

How to be diligent during distance learning?

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Some tips are to be adapted to be diligent during distance learning, the first being to create and organize your work environment.

For distance learning, it is necessary to have a place conducive to concentration. Then choose a closed room in which you will install your office and your computer.

Also remember to establish a study schedule. After having had an idea of ​​the lesson plan provided by the teacher, it is up to you to determine your objectives based on time and free days.

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