Why choose hair implantation like the stars?

Hair implantation or hair transplantation is a solution generally applied in the fight against hair loss (alopecia) or baldness. A practice that has become very trendy with many stars and celebrities, from which you too can take advantage of the benefits to remedy your baldness or hair loss problem, but also to preserve your image and take care of your look.

What is hair implantation?

Hair implantation or hair micro-grafting is a treatment method drawn from aesthetic medicine, used in the treatment of alopecia or baldness and by extension hair loss problems.

Briefly, the method consists of performing a hair transplant from grafts taken from a “donor area”, generally at the back of the head (the bottom of the skull and the nape of the neck) where the hair is genetically programmed not to. never fall. These implants are then grafted onto the parts of the head that are bald so that the patient regains his hair.

Hair transplantation takes place according to two medical techniques for removing hair implants, namely: the most recent FUE, also the most used because of its advantages and results, and the FUT also called the strip method, more effective for alopecia advanced stage. Regardless of the method used, the procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia and only lasts a few hours (4 to 8 hours).

Who are the stars who practice it and why do they do it?

Hair implantation has become a trendy and popular practice among stars. Many celebrities, both French and international, have resorted to hair transplantation to recover their fleece of yesteryear.

This is the case in France for artists like Charles Aznavour, Florent Pagny and M. Pokora, movie stars like Jean Dujardin, Nicolas Bedos, as well as TV presenters like Marc-Olivier Fogiel and Julien Lepers among others. Internationally, Rafael Nadal, and other Hollywood stars like Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are among the celebrities who have had hair implantation.

Several reasons can justify the use of this solution by the stars. In particular the concern to remedy baldness, but also the need to keep an impeccable image and look, ideal for preserving their career. In addition, hair implantation appears to be an effective, painless and discreet solution, offering more natural results than any other artificial solution.

Baldness is not only common among peoples

Baldness and hair loss (alopecia) are not just for the stars! It is indeed a condition that can affect everyone and from which many individuals actually suffer. Thus, in France for example, baldness affects around 10 million men and 2 million women!

This is why there are more and more people each year (in France and on both sides of the world) having recourse to hair implantation. These are generally people who have trouble considering the hypothesis of a life without hair, and more concerned with their image and their look.

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