Why choose the Mitsubishi Motors Professional Range for your business?

As a company it is often necessary to need one or more vehicles for oneself or for its employees. The professional range of Mitsubishi Motors is ideal, it adapts according to the activity carried out, as a simple means of transport or a real working tool.

Each business has its own solution

Whether you are a liberal profession, a craftsman, a trader, whether you need a fleet of vehicles or a car that you will drive as a taxi driver, Mitsubishi Motors will have the vehicle adapted to your needs.

For Companies / Craftsmen / Traders

Choose a model that will allow you to transport your supplies, your tools and you who will accompany in your activity. The ideal utility when you are a craftsman and have to transport tools and equipment is the Mitsubishi L200 pickup. In addition to its large capacity, it is all-terrain thanks to its 4 × 4 wheels, you can access your workshop as well as the various sites.

As a business and trader, you need a transport vehicle, which you can rely on to get you where you want to go and sometimes carry supplies. The Rechargeable Hybrid PHEV Outlander is the model you need, it has a large trunk and allows you to save on fuel but also to benefit from advantageous taxation (depending on the region: free parking, vehicle registration exempt, acquisition subsidies).

For liberal professions

As a liberal professional, you need a safe and reliable vehicle so that you can get to your customers without worries. Depending on where you exercise in town or in the countryside, you will need a suitable car.

In town, you can choose a more compact, economical model thanks to controlled consumption and easy to park. The Space Star city car is ideal, it’s the best value for money. In addition, this car will give you the benefits of the Crit’Air 1 sticker. If you live in the provinces and make longer trips, you can opt for the Rechageable Hybrid model, the Outlander PHEV, an innovative SUV that allows you to benefit from the best of electricity without its constraints, a perfect partner.

For Taxi

When you work as a taxi driver, you need a comfortable and reliable vehicle, for your customers but also for you. Once again the spacious Outlander PHEV seems to be the ideal partner. This plug-in hybrid SUV, with a large trunk, perfect when it comes to transporting luggage, it is also very comfortable, which allows you to enjoy a pleasant trip. In addition, you benefit from free parking and subsidies with the purchase of your new Outlander PHEV taxi (depending on the region) but also the freedom to drive a clean vehicle without sacrificing your transport autonomy.

To complete your Fleet / Renter

To complete your fleet of vehicles when you are part of large accounts or rental companies, the brand offers the Outlander PHEV. Choose a vehicle that offers all the amenities and comfort expected. A spacious Rechargeable Hybrid SUV with an all-electric range of 45 km combined with a latest generation gasoline engine. This plug-in hybrid car benefits from a clear maintenance plan. Your maintenance costs as well as your cost of ownership will be controlled and predictable.

Mitsubishi Motors for your business, a strategic choice

By choosing the Mitsubishi Motors brand for its professional vehicle (s), you are choosing a brand that knows how to adapt to your needs. Indeed, regardless of the terrain on which you have to drive, in town or in the countryside on roads or in the mountains or depending on your activity, Mitsubishi’s professional offers will meet your needs.

In addition to having adapted vehicles, it is a brand that takes the environment into account and offers plug-in hybrid cars. And if you encounter the slightest disappointment, or simply to maintain your vehicle, Mitsubishi Motors offers a network of 140 authorized repairers. You will be able to benefit from advantageous taxation, as well as a 5-year or 100,000 km guarantee and 24/7 assistance, but also adaptable financing if necessary.

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