Why do Audis have such a good reputation?

If you have never driven an Audi, it is difficult to understand its advantages, compared to other brands on the market. When we see them on the road, we certainly recognize their unique, elegant and modern style, but the real magic of this vehicle is under the hood. Here are a few things that make the Audi a coveted car.

A powerful engine that consumes little

There is no doubt that the great strength of the Audi is its engine. For a driver, it is important to be able to react quickly on the road, in order to avoid a car, or even an animal. Engine impulse varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. On the various Audi models, the power of this makes it possible to quickly circumvent the object which obstructs the way, thus preserving the passengers of the car in safety.

The consumption of Audi’s Cross and SUV models, known as Q, stands out from other cars of its kind. On the highway, they can easily consume 25% less than other similar models from their competitors. It is interesting to acquire a second-hand Audi Q, such as this one www.bymycar.fr/v/audi-q3-occasion, which can be found at BYmyCAR, specialists in used vehicles.

A clean and modern design

Few people know the history of Audi. Initially, these vehicles were made to participate in races. Moreover, in a very short time, they became champions. Unfortunately, Audi’s original glory didn’t last long and the brand was bought out. It was only after a few handovers that the manufacturer regained its full value. Today, it aims to remain the brand of the future, which explains its sleek and modern design. That’s why it was used in so many popular sci-fi movies, such as “Minority Report,” starring Tom Cruise.

When you take your place inside one of these vehicles, you discover all the comfort and luxury of sobriety; a concept that is difficult to explain and which must be tried to really understand it. If the brand is not the most luxurious, it is certainly among the most elegant. Moreover, she is the favorite of business executives.

To everyone

We tend to believe that only wealthy families can afford to buy an Audi. In fact, the smallest model (the A1) is affordable, and offers the same qualities as its siblings. In addition, Audis are vehicles that maintain their performance over the years, which makes them interesting cars on the resale market.

The most popular models are the A4, which is the brand’s legendary design. Its elegance and its engine have been recognized by all car magazines for decades. The Q8 is the pinnacle of luxury. When a “Total Black” makes its way down the road, all heads turn to it, without exception.

If you are thinking of acquiring a new vehicle, you absolutely must test drive one of the Audi models. You will discover, for yourself, why the brand is so popular with drivers.

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