Why Do I Have a White Tongue?

Usually pink, the tongue may become covered with a whitish deposit. In reality, the tongue is prone to various infectious ailments and lesions. However, the white tongue, still known in medicine as saburral tongue, can give indications about your health. What are the causes and what to do when a whitish discoloration occurs on your tongue?

9 possible reasons for a white tongue

There are several reasons for a whitish coloration on the tongue. You don’t have to be worried, but it’s always reassuring to know the reasons.

Poor hydration

Not drinking enough water is already alarming. In addition to being a necessity for the body, hydration is also essential for the digestive flora, the imbalance of which causes many infections.

Poor digestion

Gastric reflux is also a common cause of saburral tongue. Indeed, the acidity of the stomach going up towards the esophagus makes the digestive tract irritable. In addition, constipation can unbalance the intestinal flora and in the long run, the oral flora.

A problem with the liver

An engorged liver can lead to dry mouth. This drying out generally leads to poor oral health.

Because you are a smoker

While tobacco is well known to color the tongue, it also causes certain potentially precancerous whitish lesions called leukoplakia. Unfortunately, the latter cannot be removed by scratching, unlike candidiasis lesions.

Alcohol consumption can be the cause

Like tobacco, alcohol is a potentially dangerous substance not only for the body, but also for the mouth. In fact, the acidity of alcohol promotes the imbalance of the digestive flora.

A lack of vitamins

Fiber and vitamins are essential for an organism to be in perfect condition. Thus, their lack will act on the digestive flora, which in turn acts on the oral flora.

May be a signal of infection

While the white coloration is often attributed to the presence of a microscopic fungus such as Candida albicans, a whitish tongue is due to a build-up of bacteria and cell debris.

A diet that is too fatty or too spicy

As with the liver, a diet that is too sweet or too acidic is harmful to the tongue. Indeed, it promotes an imbalance of the microbial flora and can have negative consequences on the health of your tongue.

Poor oral hygiene

Poor or poor oral hygiene is the main cause of poor health. If it causes bad breath, it also leads to a saburral tongue.

What to do when you have a white tongue?

Depending on the severity of the condition of the tongue, different arrangements must be made.

Consult a doctor if the onset is sudden

It is recommended to consult a doctor if the whitish coloration appears suddenly or gradually. This professional will perform a clinical examination of the tongue and suggest the appropriate treatment depending on the diagnosis. If he suspects an infectious lesion, he will order a tongue test, a blood test and a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs. On the other hand, if it is a fungal infection, simple hygiene measures are sufficient.

Try natural remedies, if the cause is hygiene

It is important to respect good oral and food hygiene. Thus, it is recommended to drink enough water every day or to avoid alcohol and tobacco. You should also avoid products that are too sweet or too fatty. So, choose foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush, as it reduces the acidity of the mouth.

How to avoid the appearance of a white tongue?

Generally speaking, a white tongue is not in itself very serious. You just need to follow a few tips so you don’t end up with a serious infection. For this, it is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day. Also brush the tongue at the end of dental cleaning to eliminate the bacteria that are there. It is also advisable to perform mouthwashes, but not excessively. Ask your pharmacist or dentist for advice in these cases.

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