Why do men need a colonoscopy after 40?

Colonoscopy is a medical examination that involves scanning the inner lining of the colon using a probe called an endoscope. It is important for everyone, but even more so when you are over 40.

Why do you need a colonoscopy after 40?

What are the general interests of colonoscopy?

Of all the tests that can be done on the colon, a colonoscopy is the one that gives a high precision on the state of this organ. It makes it possible to find all kinds of abnormalities or lesions that can present the large intestine and the rectum. By doing this exam, you will be able to observe the polyps that are the cause of colorectal cancer.

It is therefore essential to carry out this examination to detect possible development risks colon cancer. If you do the real-time colonoscopy exam, these polyps will be removed by your doctor before they can cause cancer. Performing a colonoscopy therefore amounts to preventing any type of colon cancer in order to have a better quality of life and in peace.

However, it is important to prepare for the colonoscopy exam so that you can deal with any issues.

Why is it imperative to have a colonoscopy after 40?

From the age of 40, the risk of developing certain diseases increases. It is therefore imperative to do tests to detect any infections or disorders that may prevent you from living well.

This is all the more essential when you are not used to healthy and safe eating habits. Colonoscopy after 40 allows you to quickly detect polyps responsible for colon cancer. It is often prescribed in the case of a check-up in case of a family history, but not necessarily. If you also have signs of chronic diarrhea, bloody stools, or abdominal pain misunderstood after 40 years, don’t think for a second.

Immediately consult your doctor or a professional in the field for a consultation and colonoscopy examination. Detection very early will allow you to avoid a lot of complications.

If you don’t have symptoms and have a history of cancer, you can do it at age 45. For people who have no symptoms or a history of colon cancer (family or personal), they can do so after age 50.

How often do you have a colonoscopy after 40?

In order to be sure that you are always safe from the dangers of colon cancer, you must do the colonoscopy at certain frequencies. If during the examination, the doctor does not find any polyp or risk of contracting the cancer, you can perform the colonoscopy after 10 years.

On the other hand during the examination the doctor finds polyps which are small in size, you will resume the colonoscopy after about 5 years. But if the doctor finds large polyps in your colon, the frequency of having the colonoscopy will be about every 2 years.

So how often you have a colonoscopy depends on the condition of your colon. It is also recommended to rely on the advice of your mutual health insurance company to decide on the ideal frequency to perform this test.

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