Why do motorcycles have weights on the end of the handlebars?

It takes a lot of brainpower to make motorcycles comfortable and safe for you. This includes things that are simple but essential to the design by the people on the job. Most of these factors will not be visible at first glance on our motorcycles. However, replacing or removing parts, even the simplest ones like a motorcycle headlight, will change our driving dynamics. This will change either the safety aspects or the efficiency of the motorcycle.

The reason motorcycles have weights at the end of the handlebars is for the comfort and safety of the rider. Motorcycle fall prevention and balancing factors come into play for the added weight at the end of the handlebars. Here I go over the reasons motorcycles have weights on the handlebars and how they help. In addition, you will also find out what happens if you decide to change or remove them. This goes for all motorcycles, regardless of their use or performance needs, you think.

Vibration damping

The design of the front of motorcycles is such that the shock absorbers and motorcycle exhaust mufflers come directly to the frame. The only damping in between is that of the damper in motion. However, other vibrations from running do not find solutions in these shock absorbers. The vibrations come either from the engine and its operation, or from mechanical causes. Therefore, when you ride these motorcycles, these vibrations directly reach your body. If the handles are light and bare, the whole thing reaches your hand.

However, the weights at the end of the handlebars provide an ideal damping effect by lowering the resonant frequency. This means that, overall, you get a stable grip and stable riding conditions every time.

Driving comfort

The first idea about why motorcycles have weights at the end of the handlebars is related to vibration damping. So the ideal question is what happens if the vibrations bother you for too long.

Under such conditions, the blood flow in your hands and fingers becomes erratic. This results in a fizz in your fingers which over time decreases your grip. Therefore, as a cyclist on long journeys, you will experience some discomfort if the vibrations of the bar end of your motorcycle are excessive.

The weights at the end of the handlebars, with a lower resonant frequency, eliminate this discomfort. So your hand remains stable, warm and comfortable while driving. This means that motorcycles with a more powerful engine for rough terrain are no longer a problem for you.

Dynamic balancing

Motorcycles use your ability to balance the grip in the dynamic state to run. This means that your body weight and any opposing forces are also essential for a safe run. In the case of high speed racing, the actions of the motorcycle grip change considerably. This mainly comes from the air resistance and drag in the front that makes it wobble. A simple example is if you ride your motorcycle too fast, the grip will start to wobble.

The bar end weights provide a stabilizing effect on the handles to counter these effects. Thus, they not only increase the counterweight but also the damping. This means you don’t need to push the handle hard to get a stable ride if the bar end weights are right.

The accessories

As a fan of BMW motorcycles, parades and exhibitions are part of your life. This means that several bmw moto cafe racer r series accessories can accompany your bar end weight that matches your choice. This includes improving the aesthetic finish of your motorcycle for the events of your choice.

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