Why do vets promote Royal Canin so much?

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To increase their profits, most vets have a real little shop in their practice. In addition to traditional drugs and treatments (eg: anti-fleas, dewormer), they offer toys, accessories and kibble for dogs or cats.

Regarding the latter, those of the Royal Canin brand or one of its subsidiaries are the most common.

What are the reasons veterinarians recommend this manufacturer’s food so much? Are they better than the others? In the end what are the opinions on Royal Canin?

Vets earn commissions on every sale

As often with recommendations, they are motivated by financial reasons. Indeed, firms negotiate contracts with manufacturers and earn an attractive margin on each packet of kibble they sell to their clients.

Veterinarians are approached by salespeople from Royal Canin like pharmaceutical companies with large marketing resources send theirs to veterinarians.

The brand being very well established in France, their sales team is much more efficient than other manufacturers of kibble like Pro Plan, Ultima or Acana who also sell kibble for adult dogs like the one presented by Be Happy Jodie.

An extremely wide range of croquettes

The great strength of Royal Canin is to constantly expand its range, for all possible ailments, you have a recommended packet of dry food. This considerably facilitates the work of the veterinarian.

For example, if he has just sterilized your dog, he hastens to recommend Royal Canin dry dog ​​food for sterilized dogs. If your cat is sick, no problem, there is the “Intestinal” reference which promises better digestion and no diarrhea. If your pet has skin problems, it is rather hypoallergenic kibble that is recommended.

The list is long. Royal Canin does even better by creating packages by dog ​​breed (labrador, yorkie, cavalier king charles, german shepherd …) where the majority of manufacturers are content to segment by weight of the animal real indicator to feed your pet.

In addition, it should be noted that Royal Canin knows how important it is for owners to have products recommended by vets and that they have logically developed a range, more expensive and with packaging worthy of a hospital, called “Veterinary Diet”.

Royal Canin is everywhere

If Royal Canin is best known for its kibble, it is also an outstanding communicator in the canine world. Behaviorists, groomers, boarding houses and therefore veterinarians are all part of “made in Royal Canin” communication.

So, according to Jérémy Anso, famous for his book “Health, Lies and (still) Propaganda”, courses would even be given by Royal Canin employees in veterinary schools.

The brand can also be found on the shelves of bookstores where it regularly publishes encyclopedias and practical guides on our favorite animals. You can imagine that the advice given is always consistent with their commercial offer.

Royal Canin is even a patron of the WSAVA, which is none other than the company that creates the official nutritional recommendations for pets. Now, from there to saying that the WSAVA would be able to make recommendations consistent with Royal Canin products is only a step away, but it is only a guess as there may be in such cases. .

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