Why does the Download Zone download site change address?

Quick Access to Content – Summary

After a domain name registered in 2012, the “Download Zone” download site has delighted millions of Internet users by offering direct download links. Their site allowed subscribers to download in DDL (Direct Download Link) rich and varied content (music, films, series, etc.).

Of course, all this content offered is not free of rights and is therefore subject to copyright. The hunt by Hadopi and the beneficiaries therefore began in 2012, due to the dazzling success of the site. In 2016, Zone-Download was placed 11th most visited French site.

How does the Download Zone work?

Direct downloading quite simply allows the Internet user to retrieve its content by clicking on a famous link called “direct link”. In reality this “direct link” redirects us to a host such as Turbobit or 1fichier on which the content is stored.

The end of P2P (Peer To Peer) has therefore begun!

C3N judicial investigation

All beautiful things come to an end. In November 2016, after several months of investigation (Center for the fight against digital crime), the national gendarmerie closed the download site. Three members of the team whose thinking heads of the project are arrested in the wake. Justice accuses them of being at the origin of a loss of more than 75 million euros, a colossal sum!

Their ascent is now at a standstill …

The hacked pirate and his clones

We all know the shot of the watered sprinkler. It was after its closure that the favorite site of the French found itself hacked. Indeed, its database was found in the open air, which is equivalent to millions of users in free access, and this, within the reach of any good hacker! What could be more beautiful?

A clone of the Zone-Download site was therefore created, some time later, under the following domain name: zone-telechargement.lol (and it’s not a joke!). This is a site whose appearance has been copied to perfectly match the original but whose URL address is different.

But now, for the average user, these clones are dangerous because not all of them claim to be completely safe. Many are unfortunately fraudulent and some users of these bogus sites are tricked into thinking they are on a “real” download site.

Where to find Download Zone

The illegal download site offered several alternative addresses, first in the form wwX.zone-telechargement1.org where X was a number from 1 to 10, then you could come across addresses like ww2.zone-telechargement1. org or ww8.zone-telechargement1.org.

After having made subdomains in wwX.zone-telechargement1.org, the platform for downloading movies and series changed the form of its address with Xww.zone-telechargement.org where X was a number from 1 to 10 , you could then come across addresses like ww4.zone-telechargement1.org or ww6.zone-telechargement1.org.

Zone-Telechargement’s official address is still unclear and many clones are trying to take a piece of the pie, currently addresses like: www.zonetelechargement.site, ww1.zone-telechargement2.org, ww3.zone-telechargement3.org are maintaining the doubt.

At the end of December 2017, a clone was back online with the address zone-telechargement1.com with a change of owner leading to a name change for wvwv.annuaire-telechargement.com.

A new address, yes, but why?

To stand out and avoid controls, a change of address therefore becomes inevitable for this former leader in illegal downloading, as for his clones. Figures are therefore inserted in the initial URL address in order to relaunch the business. It is in a way a game of hide and seek that takes place between the authorities, the clones and the real DDL sites.

Recently, we learned that the famous Zone-Downloads site has changed its name and URL by being called: “Download Directory”. A name that stands out and seems more readable. Clearly, the many changes of address had ended up losing users frustrated and tired of not finding their way around.

But how long will this address hold?

To tell the truth, no idea! Additionally, we know that this game of hide and seek is not over yet, as web giant Google has set out to track down these illegal sites. Knowing the power of Google’s algorithms, it’s a safe bet that these sites continue to change address regularly to escape them.

Anyway, this game will soon come to an end, because all web services, internet service providers, national authorities and authors are united to work for one goal: to fight against this type of illegal sites.

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