Why go to the mountains rather than to the sea during the summer?

When summer arrives, many people decide to spend their vacation at the beach. However, there are a number of reasons why you should consider going elsewhere on your future vacation.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most popular arguments for staying in the mountains over the sea in summer!

Holidays in the mountains are cheaper than those at sea

As more people choose the sea for their vacations, these destinations are more expensive. Booking a large, comfortable mountain chalet is often cheaper than spending a week in a camping bungalow!

The air is fresher and cleaner in the mountains

Everyone knows that the air in nature and in the mountains is pure. In summer the sea is beset by tourists who come with their cars. The pollution is therefore strong and you constantly have the impression of being in a walkabout.

In a ski resort, with few people and in a small town, you enjoy a healthy environment.

It is less hot at altitude

In summer, it is often more difficult to breathe at sea level than in the mountains. During heat waves, it can become unbearable. You wait until the end of the day to go to the beach and then try to breathe as much as you can.

These are not constraints that you encounter while being at altitude. While your loved ones are blushing in the sun, you are walking in the forest without suffering from high temperatures.

Many outdoor activities are possible

Who says you are bored in the mountains? There are many outdoor activities for the whole family. You can kayak, swim in a lake or river if you like water activities.

Children love acrobatics with grass sledges or tree courses.

For parents, they can relax in the facilities of the winter resorts. The premimum hotels offer SPAs, cinemas and delicious restaurants.

The landscapes are magnificent

The mountainous landscapes are strikingly beautiful. From a clear view, you can watch the sun set behind the peaks.

At sea level it is common to have pleasant views of bodies of water, but you often lack variety.

In the mountains, there are mountains, waterfalls, lakes rather than swimming pools, valleys, ancient medieval castles …

If you love flora and fauna, you can walk for days on the hiking trails and take in the view.

There are fewer insects and mosquitoes

Are you afraid of insects or are you allergic to mosquitoes? Note that they are less present at altitude than at sea. This difference is even more true if you are more than 1500 meters high or if you go to the sea in an area known for its population of tiger mosquitoes.

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