Why has Millet become the favorite brand of French mountaineers?

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The history of the Millet company is a lesson in French success. Created in 1921 and now controlled by the Calida group, the brand has become a first choice among hikers, skiers and climbers from all over the world.

How did Millet achieve this feat? The answer is simple: by offering exactly what these athletes need, namely quality material, safe, durable and suitable for their practice.

High-end French know-how

Millet started modestly when Marc Millet and his wife created their small workshop near Lyon. As early as 1945, their two sons who are now in Savoy understood that high mountain accessories were still not very competitive and they launched the first backpacks. Success quickly went beyond the local framework.

In 1950, one of their models brought fame since the “Annapurna 50” is present on the shoulders of Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal when they climb the summit of the same name.

Since then, the brand has done everything to continue to offer products that are similar to the craftsmanship of the past.. Every finish, every seam is perfect. As can be seen from an article on sleeping bags, the user quickly makes the difference with other brands.

Millet for amateur athletes or true mountaineering experts

By developing, Millet has been able to democratize. Today, hiking and mountaineering have become leisure activities for the general public. There is therefore a slightly cheaper offer for this type of athlete.

They find everything they need to ski, camp, hike, climb, run since the brand claims to market products for a variety of outdoor sports.

However, the brand still retains its reputation thanks to its high-end products that appeal to experts for difficult challenges.

The best evidence is present on the brand’s key dates listed on its site. Events abound. Thus, Millet equips the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix and has convinced athletes to wear their accessories during their exploits such as Marco Siffredi (to descend Everest by the Tibetan side), Reinhold Messner (ascent without oxygen of Everest) …

Outstanding after-sales repair service

A Decathlon sleeping bag or backpack with holes is thrown in the trash before going to buy another in store. A high-end accessory from Millet can be repaired. Based on this postulate, Millet had the idea of ​​creating in 2005 a unique after-sales service based in France.

The principle is simple. When one of your branded products is damaged, you contact the after-sales service and schedule a return for repair. The repair work is carried out by hand by French employees familiar with the brand’s equipment. You thus find at the exit a product like new for a ridiculous blow.

It is a process to be emphasized as brands are usually inclined to push towards overconsumption.

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