Why have a direct marketing strategy completely of a digital strategy?

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Despite the evolution and new technologies today, which give a great place to digital marketing, it is important to launch direct marketing strategies. It is a method still widely used, which proves to be very effective, when it is at the heart of a sales strategy. But how to put in place an effective strategy, why is it important?

How to put in place an effective direct marketing strategy?

For a business to function, you have to communicate, seek customers and retain them, for that you have to put in place the right strategies. You can do this either internally with a team, or through an agency.

Have a team dedicated to direct marketing

Having a dedicated team in your business is always advantageous, it does not require outside services. But it also makes it possible to have them on site and to give the possibility of having direct contact with them, to know the progress and effectiveness of the campaign, to be able to observe the results and improve them quickly if necessary. But some agencies like Geninc can also train salespeople to perform well on the actions chosen to be applied.

Passed by an agency for its marketing strategies

The ideal when going through an agency is to call on professionals, who are trained for it. The company will come to you, to know your expectations, will reflect on the actions, present them to you and apply them. Using an agency allows you to focus on other points, which are just as important.

What is an effective marketing campaign?

For a campaign to be effective, it must meet the needs of your customers, so you have to do a study beforehand. But you must also highlight the values ​​of your company, stand out from the competition and follow the campaign to see the positive or negative effects it can have.

Once the results have been observed, we must ask ourselves, if we continue on this path, or we change our strategy, to do better. Know what to improve in case of need and understand why it did not work if so. Marketing campaigns are essential to know the expectations of customers, they allow you to promote your products or your service.

Why is it important to complement a digital marketing campaign with direct marketing

It is important for companies to continue to do direct marketing, because today consumers want to receive messages less and less, they are saturated with them and sometimes do not even consult them anymore. They are also reluctant to open their email, for fear of opening a fraudulent email and being a victim of phishing.

Each of these methods has their advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to make them allies. Because depending on the clientele, some are more open to new technologies and appreciate going through this type of channel, while others prefer traditional methods, direct face-to-face contact. These are different ways of communicating and attracting prospects, and each will help build customer loyalty.

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