Why install a destratifier in your house?

In this section we are going to get down to answering the following question: “why install a destratifier in your house?” “
However, before answering it, one should define the term “destratifier” and to define it one should understand the principle of thermal stratification. Do not panic, despite barbaric terms these principles are very simple and we will see them right away.

Thermal stratification is the horizontal superposition of the layers of air making up a place. In our article we will focus on layering the house. You should know that naturally, hot air is lighter than cold air. It will therefore logically rise to the ceiling while the cold air will stagnate on the ground, we will then speak of strong stratification. It is in order to break this stratification of the house that we then speak of destratification.

The destratifier is a device that will aim to break the thermal layers of your home by propelling hot air towards the ground. It will then homogenize the air temperature in your home. It will optimize your heating and therefore your interior comfort. At the same time, you will reduce your electricity bills. However, which destructive device to choose to homogenize the temperature of your home?

How to choose a destructive fan

Before choosing your destructive fan, you must know your needs and the necessary prerequisites in order to acquire THE ideal brewer for your home. The most important thing to know if it has a winter or reversible function. It is this that will allow you to destratify the air in your home. The process is simple, by activating the winter function (reversible), the blades will change their direction of rotation. This will allow the propellers to suck the hot air stored in the ceiling and to bring it down evenly throughout an entire room.
Then the second thing to know is the part you want to destratify. Indeed, whether it is a bedroom or a living room, you will not choose the same ceiling fan.

The bedroom will require a quiet ceiling fan with a high speed palette from 1 to 6 in order to choose optimum ventilation while sleeping. In addition, a small one is needed in order to respect the safety distance of 2m30 between the blades and the ground.
For the living room, you need a fan with a large diameter in order to reduce the heat to the entire room. You must also respect the style of your interior: there are design fans in wood or rustic and others modern.
Then it is advisable to choose according to the diameter of the blades, in fact, for each surface area a blade size is assigned:

  • <15m² = 63 à 132 centimètres de diamètre >15m² to 20m² = 132 to 152 centimeters in diameter
  • 20m² to 30m² = 152 to 180 centimeters in diameter
  • > 30m² = 160 to 2m23 centimeters in diameter

Now that you have all the keys to choosing the perfect air destructor for your home, let’s show you why the DC fan is ideal as a “destratifier”?

Why the DC fan is ideal as a house destroyer

The DC ceiling fan is one of the best air destructors for a home for a number of reasons. We will come to them and detail them one by one.

The first reason lies in the fact that its air circulation is ultra quiet. Indeed, during the rotation of the blades the fan will emit an almost inaudible sound. You will start to hear a slight noise when you activate 5 and 6 speeds, the most powerful available on a DC motor. But then what is this due to? It’s very simple, DC technology (direct current motor) requires the use of superior quality materials and this leads to a decrease in friction when the blades rotate.

The advantage of a DC fan over other destructive devices lies in its energy consumption. These are the most energy efficient devices on the ventilation market. You will only count 3W in speed 1, knowing that this is the necessary speed in winter function. In comparison, standard fans in speed 1 will consume 17W. The difference is huge.
Finally, DC destratifiers are much more convenient to use. Being fully remote controllable, you will be able to activate the reversible function, the 6 speeds, as well as the light, if it is optional, from your sofa via a remote control. Royal, you will only have one more benefit from the aeration of the ventilation device.

The reversible fan for the home has attractive prices, count from 200 euros for the first prices and 1000 euros for high-end brewers.

Now let’s go to the selection of the 3 destratifiers for the house.

The Top 3 or the selection of household destratifiers

Let’s discover together the Top 3 of the best house destroyers, we have selected models answering simple problems that you may encounter. We will start by presenting the Eco Plano model of the Casafan brand then the Eco Genuino of the same brand and we will end with the Irene of Atlas Fan.

The Eco Plano low ceiling destroyer

This DC model responds specifically to an installation in a room with a low ceiling, measuring only 20 centimeters in height, it will be very effective for ventilating a bedroom or an office. The Plano ceiling fan has a simple yet effective style that will stick to all types of decorations. It is available with two different blade diameters, 112 and 132 centimeters, ideal for rooms ranging from less than 15m² to 20m². You will be dealing with sober and modern colors, such as basalt gray, white, chrome or wood for the blades. This model will be ultra effective in winter to harmonize the temperature of a room and in summer to offer you an air breeze during the hot weather.

The Eco Genuino silent house destroyer fan

DestroyerThis model has it all, sleek design, DC motor with incredible performance, noble materials like real wood. Here you have the bestseller of the German brand Casafan. The ceiling fan ranging from 122 to 180 centimeters will be happy to return the heat to the ground and make you feel the heat produced by your heating devices more effectively. All this for only 3W and speed 1 and 16W in speed 6, it is one of the least expensive devices in energy. You can activate the winter function and the 6 speeds from a remote control to the delight of our laziness. Note that for a fan with a standard motor, the winter function must be activated from the motor.

The designer fan of the Irene model to destroy its interior

DestroyerThe Irene model was thought and designed by the American Atlas Fan. This model is ultra design, the propellers have an elegant look which gives an incredible charm to the ceiling fan. You will have the choice between 3 or 5 propellers for questions of performance and style. If you want an airy and clear model prefer the 3 propeller model. This is the only model you will find in DC motor with light fixture and wooden blades. The materials used are of high quality and will provide formidable efficiency to the ventilator. You will treat yourself to a breeze of freshness and efficient light with a quality product.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the destroyer that will suit your home.

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