Why is Chile a must-see destination in America?

No trip to America should be without a stopover in Chile, one of the narrowest countries on this vast continent. You may think that it is difficult to get there and yet its capital is well endowed with an airport. But what are the reasons that make this country a must-see destination.

Chile, a country of landscapes of a thousand colors

Chile is a country stretching over 4,300 km in length filled with breathtaking landscapes. Taking a trip to Chile means seeing ice fields, climbing the Andes mountains and snow-capped volcanoes, but also seeing sparkling lagoons. But it is also a destination renowned for its vineyards, its Atacama Desert and its colorful coastline.

An ideal destination for real adventures

Which people decide to take a trip to America, without having the idea in mind to test new experiences. For people with an adventurous soul, Chile is the ideal destination.

You will be able to climb a volcano, trek in the Andes, descend the dunes of the desert, surf clinging to your feet. Chile is a country with a thousand facets, which allows every traveler to find an activity that suits him.

Chile, a destination to develop your taste buds

Chile has a culinary history, going back many years, it is still possible to find traditional indigenous and Spanish dishes, with a hint of Peruvian. By going there, you can taste seafood in abundance, thanks to the coastline. The essential dishes, which must absolutely be tasted, are:

  • The Choclo, which is a corn pie
  • Empanadas
  • Hot dogs
  • The Chorrilliana
  • The Manjar
  • Curanto, which is a mixture of seafood and meat, accompanied by potatoes, all cooked on a hot stone

Chile, a country that competes with France for its wines

Many Chilean wineries, as well as their wine, are world famous. You should know that it is not possible to eat a meal without accompanying it with a drink, which is usually wine.

Many cities such as Santiago, Valparaiso or even Vina del Mar, include some of the most important wineries. The country is famous for its wine, but not only that, the popular pisco, too, is extracted from another grape grown in Chile.

Visit the unmissable Easter Island

Going to Chile means planning a visit to Easter Island, the most remote archipelago on the planet. The famous stone statutes, also called moai, welcome you, to help you discover their history. You can get there with one of the planes from Santiago, they are frequent and low cost.

A culturally rich country

Chile is fortunate to have a rich heritage, coming from several destinations, an indigenous mix, Spanish settlers, but also immigrants. No matter where you go you will feel the varied heritage, going near the lake district it will be German influence. As you travel to Chile, you will feel like you are discovering many cultures from all over the world.

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