Why is it beneficial to vacuum your food?

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Vacuuming is no longer the preserve of professionals. Today, individuals have easy access to this efficient method of conservation thanks to machines adapted to their needs and budgets.

But before you buy your equipment and start vacuuming, you are surely asking yourself what is the point of the process? Here are the main advantages, but the list is far from exhaustive!

Increase the shelf life of your food

The main advantage of using a machine seen on a site like machinesousvide.pro is to increase the shelf life of food.

Take the example of a beef rump. If you buy a piece from the butcher and leave it in its wrapping paper, it will keep for 2 to 5 days in your refrigerator. On the other hand, if you put it in a vacuum packaging, the duration is doubled.

Moreover, many individuals who go under vacuum start cooking in larger quantities on weekends, distribute the preparations per day via vacuum packaging. Then, the rest of the week, they take advantage of this time saving.

All foods are affected by vacuuming

Meat is often the first type of food that comes to mind when you think of vacuuming. However, it is far from being the only one able to benefit from this method of conservation.

All you have to do is take a look in the catering department of your supermarket to see that many preparations are eligible. This is the case for cheeses, vegetables, fruits, fish, but also medical equipment!

Reduce the risk of bacteria

Opting for a quality machine, such as Horeca equipment, also greatly reduces the chances of having bacteria in your food.

Sous-vide protects foods from bacteria, especially those that need oxygen to thrive.

In addition, foods do not contaminate each other. If you have rotten fruit in the back of your fridge, it will not be able to spoil the other foods present.

Vacuuming also limits food spoilage by ice. If you put a piece of meat in your freezer without protecting it, it will end up looking like a gigantic carnivore mister freeze! With vacuum packaging, it does not get stuck by ice.

Easily organize your food in the fridge

When we live with a family, it’s easy to fill the fridge. One week of running equals several kilograms of food. It is not always easy to store this food.

Often, you end up forgetting a food that ends up expired in the back of a drawer or you have the greatest difficulty taking out what you want to eat.

By vacuuming your various foods, storage becomes easy. It is easy to stack or put products vertically. You no longer risk a sauce leaking or a collapsing stack.

You only have to look at the pictures of the displays in department stores to understand how these packaging are practical for storage!

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