Why is Julian Assange worried by American justice?

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In the viewfinder of the American state, Julien Assange the founder of Wikileaks is being prosecuted for several counts. Exiled in London, more precisely in the Embassy of Ecuador for 7 years, the latter was indicted in the United States on May 23, 2019. We expose you what the American justice accuses the founder of Wikileaks.

Prosecuted for intrusion

Complicit in a computer intrusion against the American government, Julien Assange faces a 5-year prison sentence. In 2010, Assange and Chelsea Manning attempted to hack into one of the Pentagon’s computer networks. Assange is then accused of helping Manning obtain the Defense Ministry server ciphers in 2013.

The goal of Assange and the ex-intelligence analyst was to gain access to thousands of secret US government documents. Among these confidential files are videos of US wars in the Middle East (Afghanistan and Iraq). A few weeks later, these images are made public by Wikileaks. You can find some information about these files in books on Wikileaks.

Imprisoned and then released in 2017, Chelsea Manning refuses to testify against the founder of Wikileaks before a court in Virginia. His refusal earned him a return behind bars.


According to American lawyers, Julien Assange was not authorized to receive classified documents from the United States of America. Let us add that the indictment mentions exchanges between the founder of Wikileaks and Manning which attest to the latter’s guilt. Indeed, the Justice Department accuses Assange of having instigated the ex-analyst to provide more data than what he had received.

Among the conversations revealed between the two protagonists, Manning claimed that she had no more documents after downloading the information sent. Assange replied that the eyes of the curious did not dry up from his experience.

Despite the two charges, the justice department had given some thought to avoiding openly opposing freedom of expression. Indeed, the free expression of the actors of the press is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The administration of the United States under Obama has dropped the lawsuits against Wikileaks for fear of reprisals against the media outlets. It is with this logic that Ben Wizner of the ACLU has declared that any lawsuit against Assange is unconstitutional.

Controversial role during the 2016 presidential campaign

Specialized in the disclosure of classified content, Wikileaks cooperates with traditional media organizations. The latter help him to publish the information to the general public. Renowned for his transparency, Julien Assange was widely criticized for his influence during the 2016 presidential campaign. Thus, Wikileaks disclosed thousands of emails from the Democratic Party. These letters have prejudiced Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton.

Having demonstrated how the Democrats favored Hilary Clinton, the emails highlighted the paid content of these speeches. This fueled rumors that implied that she was a candidate backed by Wall Street. Clinton tried to tone down that reputation throughout his campaign. It should be noted that the investigations of the prosecutor Robert Mueller demonstrated the involvement of Russia in the hacking of these mails.

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